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 This is very prequels/TCW oriented, I realize. I've split it into Lightsverse and not Lightsverse. Some of these have already been talked about, some parts of this list have already been posted.

Other ideas — Lights:
  • Vader almost captures Ahsoka oneshot, mirrors Jedi Who Knew scene (I want her alive!). 4-5k.
  • Leia and Luke go on an interplanetary road trip and meet Han on Corellia. Space pirates? Mostly fun, projected: 10k
  • Dark!Leia: AU where Luke dies, Leia goes dark and becomes Maul’s Sith apprentice. Plot? Maybe. If so, 35-40k, if not 10-15k.
  • Various slices of life in the missing fifteen years — mostly Obidala, maybe a few sad Vader scenes
  • Unspoken — non-canon ship, Obi-Wan/Luminara maybe?
  • Under the Surface — Rexsoka oneshot
  • Something more with the Barrissoka snippet
  • Cute Luke/Ezra oneshot
Other ideas — other:
  • Obikin w/ Lady!Obi-Wan
  • TFA mirrorverse-ish — Rey Solo, Rey & Ben role reversal, Finnrey — maybe JSP?
  • That one where Ahsoka really did bomb the Jedi temple, along with Barriss, and they become Sith girlfriends and terrorize the galaxy together
  • Space Disneyland mission fic — idk who yet
  • ETA: May 29th (2am): Modern Obianidala AU -- Senator Padmé, Military Obi-Wan and Anakin (Generals) and Ahsoka (Anakin's foster sister who also joined the military because of him)
Um, yeah. Probably going to be more. Just a masterpost as of now.
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Finished Lights chapter 2, at 4.7k -- first one is 6.2, but I don't think the difference is too bad. Chapter 3 started -- I think I finished the scene at 1.1k but I will re-evaluate tomorrow. BARRISS! I really do love her. Enough that I'm thinking of ordering two really old Legends novels about her (Medstar I & II) just to see more of her character. I also keep thinking that I should be able to just find old EU novels, in the thrift store or whatever --  kind of want to go to a thrift store tomorrow just to see. Maybe I'll bus. Or something.

Short snippet, because why not.

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