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 From [community profile] thefridayfive

1) What famous landmarks have you visited?
I don't think I've actually visited any. Uh, I've been to some Olympic buildings in Vancouver, but those probably don't count as famous landmarks.

2) How has travel affected you?
At this point in my life, my school is on a fucking island, so I travel there and back by ferry every week, for about three hours each way. So I guess I'm pretty used to being in transit. And I've flown on planes a lot, so I'm pretty used to those as well. Though even after all that, I'm really, really bad at packing.
3) What are the best souvenirs you’ve ever collected while traveling?
I think I got some cool dolls from Mexico when I was like, eight, but I'm not much of a souvenir person in general, so I don't tend to collect them.

4) What is your fantasy vacation?
Spending a month or two in various parts of Europe, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and probably more. I think it would be really stressful, but also really amazing.

5) Would you want to be a space tourist?
If it were relatively safe and pure tourism? Yeah, I think so.

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 From [community profile] thefridayfive . CLARA OSWALD ICON IS RELEVANT.

1. Do you like traveling or are you counting the minutes until the transporter is perfected?
There's definitely aspects of travelling I don't like (*flashbacks to that horrific flight to Japan two years ago*) but overall? I actually do like it. If I don't have internet, I basically have to read, or do something productive; I really enjoy that. Especially longer journeys in comfortable-ish settings (buses or airplanes).

2. If you could visit any country in the world right now, where would you go?
Switzerland. I just read an article about what the workforce is like there, and honestly, sign me the fuck up.

3. What is your favorite form of travel?
Airplanes. AIRPLANES. I know, air travel is awful and all, but if it's a relatively nice flight? HELL TO THE YEAH.

4. What is the longest vacation/holiday that you’ve ever been on?
...I think Japan? Which was a little longer than two weeks, I think????? I don't actually remember how long it was. But I'd say that wherever it was, two weeks is probably about the length of my longest vacation.

5. Would you travel for a living?
My dad does it, and honestly, I think I'd hate it. I mean, depends on what I was doing, but I don't really like hotels and I hate packing.

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 What is life? What is everything? I'm back on the computer, as should be obvious, and wow, I'm in... a state.

I did a lot over the missing time! I read a bunch of fics, worked a lot more on the panto (daily rehearsals lately, first preview tomorrow, opening Friday) and went to an island to check out a school. The school was really interesting: I went on Sunday night and stayed until the next day. I still don't know if I want to go, but if I do... it'll be in February. I just don't know at this point if I want to, because it's basically like summer camp? All the time? Anyway. While I was there, I spent like an hour hiking (and dying of exhaustion), played the part of a missing person in the Christmas play they were rehearsing (it snowed overnight on Sunday, and it wasn't supposed to and I was Unprepared. Also, my life is JUST THEATRE RIGHT NOW) and then my mom and I drove around for a while. We saw four deer on the road and an OTTER. ON THE ROAD. I don't even know.

Panto stuff, well... *ugly laughter* I'm doing flies now! And I did them for the first time today! And fucked up, badly, multiple times! And I'm doing it tomorrow for a fucking audience! I sorta feel like I should fake my death to get out of this or something and I feel like I'm going to throw up every time I think about it. I just don't have time to practice and it's TOMORROW. I can't deal with this. I kinda need to break something.

Nothing much else to say? Oh, I watched some movies while I was offline (movies don't COUNT, they aren't on a computer) -- The Dark Knight Returns (both parts), Batman: Year One, Son of Batman (rewatch), Black Mirror 3x03 (weird, kinda uncomfortable, not my thing) and 3x04 (wonderful, beautiful, showstopping, never been done, always grateful), and a few more episodes of Supergirl. I feel like I might be forgetting something, but eh. I dunno. I don't really have much more to say? K. Oh, I also went to the naturopath today and she was in hysterics at my one dinner which was basically an eggnog latte, chocolate protein bar, a brownie, orange juice, and probably more I'm forgetting. Also she was making a comparison and said "you wouldn't eat a whole bowl of chocolate syrup, right?" and I just kinda. Stared.

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 And I'm home again! I'm realizing now how much of a ridiculous trip that was, kind of, because we were only there for the weekend and yet. But yeah. Flew home, had a terrible headache on the plane (in the same place as the last flight, just over my left eye and down the left side of my face) and didn't do much else. My foot hurts much less than it did yesterday, luckily, so we walked to Starbucks and back in Hamilton while we were still there. And passed another graveyard! It's sort of weird to see two on the same street. Though seeing them at all is a bit weird, since the city where I live is too close to sea level to have any graveyards at all, so it's really just my own experiences on this one.

Today was mostly travel, I guess? Also almost finished Queen's Gambit, which I was really not expecting since it's really, ridiculously long and I was only... oh, forty percent through this morning? But I'm on the second to last chapter, including the epilogue, and 93% done according to my Kobo. I love that fic a lot, it's just so good. A lot of what this reread was involved removing useless highlights -- I had like, 400-ish, and most of them were unnecessary. There are 223 now, and I sort of want to go through the highlights and remove some more. THERE'S NO POINT TO THEM AT ALL IF THERE ARE SO MANY, WHY DIDN'T RECENT PAST!ME UNDERSTAND THAT. Also wrote about a thousand words. And saw some drama on twitter and immediately noped out because I really don't want to deal because tired.


Jul. 16th, 2016 10:54 pm
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 Day two in Hamilton! Last night, though, was absolute hell because I didn't sleep until... probably five or six hours after I went to bed. Also, I got up to get some water and dropped a full metal water bottle on my toe. The skin broke under the nail and it's bloody and gross. I mean, it's not that bad, actually, but it hurts like hell and I can barely walk, so it's not fun. My dad drilled into it in the morning (after I woke everyone up with the crash from the bottle and spent probably an hour or so figuring out how I could sleep) and it was awful but now there's less pressure. I have ice on it now, but I was out from the afternoon into the evening and it was pretty much fine.

We drove down to Niagara Falls, which took an hour or so, but we didn't end up actually going -- it was really busy, so we drove past a few times. That was probably better since I couldn't walk, but it was still a little disappointing. I mean, we did see it pretty well anyway from the car, and didn't get soaked by the mist, and I think it worked out okay. Went to a really nice burger place for dinner, and then a little later my mom and I went to a grocery store to see bagged milk. Which is kind of ridiculous, but hey, now I know it's real! I still find it so funny that it's a Canadian Stereotype™ and yet we don't even get it in western Canada. But anyway. Read a lot more of Queen's Gambit (which I would find a link to but this is my mom's computer and it would take forever) last night and today. I'm remembering how much I love that fic. Also, last night at some point (2-3am or so, I don't know) I was reading and my mom took it and just read the page I was on. It was a lot of political blather, I think, but it was still funny to try and piece together what she would have thought was going on. Or, I guess, would have thought if she cared about SW, which she doesn't.

The Rebels S3 trailer!!!! I'M SO EMOTIONAL. Yes, new Rogue One info, whatever -- but the trailer. God. I remembered Ezra saying Ahsoka's name in the beginning while I was in the car and almost started crying. I love Sabine's hair, Kanan's new look is... well, it's not bad, just not what I would have wanted. Ezra got a haircut! Ezra is badass! Maul is coming back! Thrawn!! I guess I need to read the Thrawn trilogy now, I have the books on my Kobo I just never got around to reading them. Anyway. I'm so excited.

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 So it's my sixteenth birthday today! Pretty exciting. Less exciting was getting up at 4am to go to the airport, but it was... not that terrible, really. I'm in Hamilton, Ontario now! The flights were okay. I actually feel like I think that I like flying, except then I get on the plane and... no. But I don't hate it, at least. Once in Hamilton, we got birthday dinner at The Keg, which has really expensive (but worth it) steak. And a free birthday ice cream cake. My aunt called, which was stressful because I hate phone calls, but it wasn't too bad and at least it wasn't too long.

Also, Pokemon Go finally started working on my phone! I caught a Drowsee, a Jynx, a Rattatta, and a Pidgey (forgive spelling errors I don't have my phone with me). It's actually such a fun game. Also, we went to the Jewish cemetery next to the hotel and it was really interesting. I got so many surnames written. Now I have an abundance of choices if I ever write a Jewish character. I need to go to bed now, since I got three hours of sleep.


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