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 Okay, I kept saying I would make this, and now I will! This is just what I personally think is likely, but I obviously don't know for sure and we don't have all the information yet. Just guessing, basically. There will be two sections for each: what I think is likely and what I really, desperately want. There might be a pattern there.

Rogue One Predictions:

  • Jyn and Cassian will be romantically involved because you can't have an action movie without at least one Straight Kiss™, right?
  • When Vader shows up, it will be near the end, similar to in Twilight of the Apprentice, though in this case, he'll basically kill everyone.
  • Someone in the rebellion will mention a recent incident on a specific planet that cost them one of their best cells. See the Rebels predictions for more detail.
  • At least one main character will die. I'm torn on whether they'd be willing to kill Jyn, but maybe Cassian or Saw Gerrera. I'm pretty sure that the main cast won't all make it out alive, though.

Rogue One Hopes:

  • Ahsoka cameo. Yes, I know it's not going to happen. I still want it desperately.
  • Rex cameo. Slightly more likely, even if it's not going to happen!
  • Background same-gender relationship, even if it's not important to the plot.
  • More aliens than we've seen so far in the promo pictures and trailers. Like seriously, where are they? This is Star Wars. The GFFA is not entirely human.

Episode VIII Predictions:

  • So I actually have a slightly detailed prediction for this! Okay, I think the movie will follow around three/four different plotlines for the first half of the movie. Rey and Luke, Kylo and Snoke, Leia + Poe + maybe Finn + the Rebellion, and possibly a political plotline -- though Leia might be involved in that as well. Around halfway through, something relevant will happen that means that the plotlines need to converge for the grand finale. Rey's -- and Kylo's, somewhat -- training will be cut a bit short, but months will still have passed, probably.
  • Kylo will struggle with the light throughout the movie, and near the end, he'll leave his training and Snoke behind. In Ep IX, he'll show up at the eleventh hour and help to Save The Day. Basically, he'll be a Gray Jedi.
  • Rey will struggle with the dark, but not go too far -- possibly becoming something of a Gray Jedi. Or not. I don't know for sure.

Episode VIII Hopes:

  • Stormpilot. If not that, Poe confirmed to be gay.
  • Rey Solo. If not, I don't know, that's the theory I most believe in. I just really want Rey to get to tell Kylo that they're related, turning around the classic twist from ESB. Maybe that could be his trigger to go rogue and become a Gray Jedi -- questioning everything that made him turn dark in the first place.
  • Leia actually getting to lead the Resistance and be a badass. Like, come on, TFA didn't do well with that, it's Time.
  • Ahsoka cameo. If not, at least one background togruta. Or twi'lek. Or literally any pre-established GFFA species.

Star Wars Rebels Predictions:

  • Season 3 will deal a lot with Ezra being drawn to the darkside.
  • The character redesigns will age them all a little -- mostly Ezra and Sabine, obviously, but they'll all look a little more professional. Hera's outfit will be reminiscent of the classic X-Wing pilot uniforms from the originals, Kanan might look a bit more Jedi, Ezra might get a haircut, Sabine's hair and armor will change again.
  • Personally, I think Sabine's armour will be teal and her hair will be a completely different color. Like how her hair had amber highlights in S1 and then in S2 her armor was orange and her hair was different.
  • Ezra's crush on Sabine being pretty much non-existent at this point -- they're just really good friends.
  • More characters from TCW!
  • Another Leia episode!
  • More rebel cells! More of the rebellion in general.
  • Okay, here's the really depressing prediction that I touched on in the Rogue One section -- and I know other people have thought of it, it's not an original thought. The Ghosts will all die at the end of the series. I think that Rogue One could foreshadow this, and the planet named could be the planet on which they meet their end. I think that either all of them will die or maybe Ezra will survive alone, and channel Yoda and go to live alone on a non-settled planet. Basically, they can't possibly be around in the rebellion once Luke joins -- he would have known that other Jedi existed. It's possible that they leave the rebellion at some point, but it doesn't exactly seem likely. And I think this will be a few seasons down the road -- not season 3 or 4. 5, 6, or even 7, maybe.

Star Wars Rebels Hopes:

  • Background same-gender relationship.
  • Sabine casually mentioning an ex-girlfriend like Ketsu.
  • Ahsoka showing up at the end of S3 and SAVING EVERYBODY. Yeah, this is the pattern in what I hope for. Sorry, I'm just an Ahsoka stan and miss her all the time.
  • Speaking of more TCW characters, maybe Barriss? Since I don't think she's dead. It would be nice to see her reaction to Ahsoka's "death".

Okay, that's... basically it? I think. I was literally eating watermelon and drinking a piña colada smoothie the whole time while I wrote this, honestly.


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