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 I, uh, don't really know? I had a weird day and now my cramps are literally killing me so. Time to try that sleep thingy.

I read a fair amount of fic -- I'm going deeper into my "read later" list than I usually do, since I can be on my phone with fewer limitations and it's easier to read shorter fic. It's kinda nice, but also I have very specific things I want to read right now and I can't FIND most of them in my readlater. It's frustrating. But that happened.

Hm... what else... my Kanan and Princess Leia comics arrived! I should reread them soon. REBELS MIDSEASON TRAILER. Fucking. OBI-WAN. I'M DYING. I literally shrieked when he showed up and I am SO READY. Even if I still have one episode of Rebels I haven't seen... ha.  And I baked brownies. Anyway. I probably did more, but again: cramps. I need to go to bed even if I cry my eyes out from pain or whatever.

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 So I wrote an entire fic. I dunno, I just wanted to write femslash and Bluesey, so I wrote… femslash Bluesey. Idk. I also added in the canon dialogue in one of the Snaibsel week fics, and started writing the Halloween one — about 200 words. And I organized my fics for that week, and came to the realization that the first three days are all incomplete and I still don’t have anything for free day or magic day. I mean, I sorta have a fic for magic day, but I don’t think I’m going to use it… it’s the beginning of an explicit fic and I can’t write explicit. So unless I can somehow make it work, that’s not happening.

I also read comics! So many. Finally got around to reading The Hunt For Oracle (Birds of Prey/Nightwing) and it was SO GREAT. I am SO HAPPY that Babs and Dinah finally met. And I’m still Really Mad that they’re a rarepair… like wtf. How. I also read a little more of Birds of Prey (up to #26 I think) and I started reading the New 52 Nightwing Vol 2 — the court of owls one. I borrowed it from the library and it’s due back tomorrow (technically today) so right before midnight, I set the date on the iPad back one day and opened it up to read in case that won’t help. I was planning on reading it and then coming back here to do an entry, but my parents finally snapped over the whole sleep thing (I guess) and so I’ll read it in bed, I guess. Whatever, I don’t really care — this is my usual writing time, but I already wrote a ton today, so.

And the new Rebels episode! The Last Battle. Oh my GOD, the Clone Wars feelings are RUINING MY ENTIRE LIFE AND THE LOGO AT THE END MADE ME GODDAMN CRY. Rex. Rexxxxxxxxx. And the battle droids and Kalani and oh my GOD I cannot. It was so good. So good.

Also somehow Jaydick became my current main otp and I am near tears whenever I think about it. I went through someone’s entire Jaydick tag and I already shipped it but now… now I’m just highkey suffering ALL THE TIME. SOMEONE HELP ME. I had an idea to look for more fic — because high kudos, high comments or high wordcount returns either what I don’t want to read or what I’ve already read — which was to look for Friends to Lovers (pining doesn’t have enough results) but I didn’t have time and I also had a TRC OT5 fic open in my usual AO3 tag.

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 Oh man, I am so Angry that I don’t have internet right now. I just read the best goddamn fic and it’s part of a series and I can’t go read the rest. And I didn’t bother downloading more than one fic because 22k should have been enough, but noooooooo, I’m dying over this pairing and I need More. Right Now. But I can’t. Part of me wants to steal my mom’s phone and use her data, but… that’s probably not the best idea. Even if she wouldn’t know so long as I returned it before she got up… no, not going there.


It was raining all day, and no one really did anything. It was… nice, actually, though today got off to a kind of bad start. I sorta realized that it had been a week since I washed my hair, and it took me two hours of reading Watchmen in bed before I managed to get up and just do it. Sudden deja vu moment while typing this… weird. Anyway. Then I stripped my bed, because it’s been like two months. And then later tonight, I changed mattresses! We have an extra one, which usually lives under my brother’s bed (it’s raised up) and my usual mattress is awful, so. This one doesn’t have, like, springs in it, so it’s about half the height. So that’ll be an adjustment. Hopefully my sheet fits on it properly and the problem isn’t actually my bed frame.

swr spoilers )

Watched a few episodes of Arrested Development with my mom and brother — and got the internet extended by thirty minutes, as well, because of watching it so late! So that was nice. I really like Arrested Development, actually — idk who my fav is, though I really love Maeby. My mom also got me to make a list of all the meals I’ll eat, so she could do menu planning, and we made an enchilada casserole for dinner since it was on the list. Well, she made it, I tried and failed to stop myself from rereading (why, @my brain) this A/B/O primer that makes me want to burn my brain out. GOD, WHY DOES THIS AU EXIST. I need to, like, permanently blacklist it on AO3 so I don’t have to see it anywhere. Also reread a fic that I will not link for reasons, involving a ship I don’t like and a kink that borderline squicks me. No, I don’t understand my brain.

Also, inexplicably, wrote 930 words of Lights 6. Luke and Ezra! I think I improved in little writing them/romance in general — it’s definitely more subtle in this scene, since the first scene was a heavy-handed disaster. Can’t wait to edit that…

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 I guess I am technically free of all school obligations now, but I really don't feel much better about... anything. So that's fun. I think my food issues are mostly gone now -- I ate regular meals today, even if one of them was pizza -- and I felt kinda better, mentally. I mean, not a ton better, but a little bit? I dunno. I actually feel more cheerful after writing this, because hey, today did have its high points.

swr spoilers )

On the topic of media things, I also read a comic -- Batman and Robin Vol. 1 (2011). I really love the Dick!Batman and Damian!Robin dynamic, and it was really interesting seeing a VERY DIFFERENT version of Jason. It's, uh, something -- especially coming right out of Red Hood and the Outlaws. And he's a redhead, which is just weird, okay. Overall it was pretty good, I think. And also continued reading this Drarry fic (link doesn't go to first chapter because I don't feel like going to it and getting the link). It's good, I can't wait to finish it. Also I've been listening to Take A Chance On Me by Abba on repeat all day, which is weird because I don't actually like Abba, usually.

Philosopher's Cafe was today, and it was pretty interesting. First of all, we were late. We had to drive my dad to [redacted city], which is kinda out of the way, and so we ended up being about fifteen minutes late (me, my mom, my brother and Jaime). And there was a great moment at the border crossing -- there were red lights over the gates (idk if that's the right word but it's 1am so) but nothing across the entrance, so my mom scanned our Nexus cards and then kept driving on instinct. The guy in the booth came out and waved her back, and a minute later or so the light turned green. And when we got there, he said "[Mom's name], how long have you been driving?" Her: "Uh, thirty years?" Him: "Red means stop." It was actually kinda hilarious, if weirdly extreme. And he got mad about her backing up after he stopped us ("you can't BACK INTO TRAFFIC" -- there was no one behind us close enough to hit) and it was overall pretty hilarious.

At the actual Cafe, we were mostly discussing a Socrates quote, which I can't remember verbatim but it was something along the lines of "unless you examine it, your life is worthless". And that led to discussions on self-examination, knowing oneself, whether it's always a good idea to really introspect and understand who you are as a person or what your purpose is, etc. And we got to almost 8pm before US politics were mentioned (it was me. Gina was talking about the horrible things happening in the world and I added in with "Donald Trump running for president". I am Ashamed.), which has to be a record. So there was also a discussion on that. And after, we stopped at the grocery store and I bought pretzels for a chance to see if Shannon was there. He was! Jaime told us a Shannon legend from the last time she was there, as well: her friend was in the grocery cart, and he looked and said "age is just a number." Ah, classic Shannon.

ETA: Well somehow I ended up writing 1.8k of Lights chapter 6. I was really stuck on that chapter -- action scenes are so hard okay -- but I somehow?? Wrote it??? All that action??? Damn. And now I really need to go to bed.
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Today was actually a really good day for TV watching. I watched the Great SW Rewatch episode up today (Lightsaber Lost), the new episode of Rebels, the first three episodes of The Good Place, and the first episode of B99 S4. The Good Place was really interesting -- it's about a woman who dies and goes to "the good place", except it was a mistake and she's actually a terrible person, so she has to learn to be good. It actually has pretty good representation (though I wish the gay couples, like, talked... in situations where the fact that they're a couple is obvious...) and I really like it so far. It's hilarious and also basically the afterlife that I hope for, even if I don't believe. Brooklyn Nine Nine was great: Ray and Jake are chillin' in Florida and it's boring and hilarious. Jake has blonde streaks in his hair. I'm really excited for the rest of the season. Also I watched it with my brother!


rebels spoilers )

I also finally sat down and read Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 3: Death of the Family. It was really good, and also the first time I've read some characters outside of fanfics -- Damian, mostly, because I did see Tim once for a split second in Birds of Prey but this was my actual intro to his character. The last issue or so (maybe second to last? don't remember) in the collection was so goddamn emotional? Whichever one had Jason going around and talking to different Batfam members and going to his old bedroom and being emotional and stuff. I love emotional pain, honestly, it's so good. On that same note: I also started reading a fic in which Jason-as-Red-Hood shows up in the YJ S1 universe, and it's really damn good so far. It's here.

I actually felt, like, really relaxed today? I think it's because I feel a little bit better about Socials. I honestly just need to get the damn course done and then I'm clear until January or so. Tomorrow. Also: my parents went on a bike ride and I made more pinterest boards for my characters. I really like making boards, it's so fun. I want to make ones for other people's characters too, but like... when would I stop... what if I lost interest in the character... idk. I just don't know if I'd want to keep it going if I did that, but maybe I will. Who knows.


Jul. 16th, 2016 10:54 pm
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 Day two in Hamilton! Last night, though, was absolute hell because I didn't sleep until... probably five or six hours after I went to bed. Also, I got up to get some water and dropped a full metal water bottle on my toe. The skin broke under the nail and it's bloody and gross. I mean, it's not that bad, actually, but it hurts like hell and I can barely walk, so it's not fun. My dad drilled into it in the morning (after I woke everyone up with the crash from the bottle and spent probably an hour or so figuring out how I could sleep) and it was awful but now there's less pressure. I have ice on it now, but I was out from the afternoon into the evening and it was pretty much fine.

We drove down to Niagara Falls, which took an hour or so, but we didn't end up actually going -- it was really busy, so we drove past a few times. That was probably better since I couldn't walk, but it was still a little disappointing. I mean, we did see it pretty well anyway from the car, and didn't get soaked by the mist, and I think it worked out okay. Went to a really nice burger place for dinner, and then a little later my mom and I went to a grocery store to see bagged milk. Which is kind of ridiculous, but hey, now I know it's real! I still find it so funny that it's a Canadian Stereotype™ and yet we don't even get it in western Canada. But anyway. Read a lot more of Queen's Gambit (which I would find a link to but this is my mom's computer and it would take forever) last night and today. I'm remembering how much I love that fic. Also, last night at some point (2-3am or so, I don't know) I was reading and my mom took it and just read the page I was on. It was a lot of political blather, I think, but it was still funny to try and piece together what she would have thought was going on. Or, I guess, would have thought if she cared about SW, which she doesn't.

The Rebels S3 trailer!!!! I'M SO EMOTIONAL. Yes, new Rogue One info, whatever -- but the trailer. God. I remembered Ezra saying Ahsoka's name in the beginning while I was in the car and almost started crying. I love Sabine's hair, Kanan's new look is... well, it's not bad, just not what I would have wanted. Ezra got a haircut! Ezra is badass! Maul is coming back! Thrawn!! I guess I need to read the Thrawn trilogy now, I have the books on my Kobo I just never got around to reading them. Anyway. I'm so excited.

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 Okay, I kept saying I would make this, and now I will! This is just what I personally think is likely, but I obviously don't know for sure and we don't have all the information yet. Just guessing, basically. There will be two sections for each: what I think is likely and what I really, desperately want. There might be a pattern there.

Rogue One Predictions:

  • Jyn and Cassian will be romantically involved because you can't have an action movie without at least one Straight Kiss™, right?
  • When Vader shows up, it will be near the end, similar to in Twilight of the Apprentice, though in this case, he'll basically kill everyone.
  • Someone in the rebellion will mention a recent incident on a specific planet that cost them one of their best cells. See the Rebels predictions for more detail.
  • At least one main character will die. I'm torn on whether they'd be willing to kill Jyn, but maybe Cassian or Saw Gerrera. I'm pretty sure that the main cast won't all make it out alive, though.

Rogue One Hopes:

  • Ahsoka cameo. Yes, I know it's not going to happen. I still want it desperately.
  • Rex cameo. Slightly more likely, even if it's not going to happen!
  • Background same-gender relationship, even if it's not important to the plot.
  • More aliens than we've seen so far in the promo pictures and trailers. Like seriously, where are they? This is Star Wars. The GFFA is not entirely human.

Episode VIII Predictions:

  • So I actually have a slightly detailed prediction for this! Okay, I think the movie will follow around three/four different plotlines for the first half of the movie. Rey and Luke, Kylo and Snoke, Leia + Poe + maybe Finn + the Rebellion, and possibly a political plotline -- though Leia might be involved in that as well. Around halfway through, something relevant will happen that means that the plotlines need to converge for the grand finale. Rey's -- and Kylo's, somewhat -- training will be cut a bit short, but months will still have passed, probably.
  • Kylo will struggle with the light throughout the movie, and near the end, he'll leave his training and Snoke behind. In Ep IX, he'll show up at the eleventh hour and help to Save The Day. Basically, he'll be a Gray Jedi.
  • Rey will struggle with the dark, but not go too far -- possibly becoming something of a Gray Jedi. Or not. I don't know for sure.

Episode VIII Hopes:

  • Stormpilot. If not that, Poe confirmed to be gay.
  • Rey Solo. If not, I don't know, that's the theory I most believe in. I just really want Rey to get to tell Kylo that they're related, turning around the classic twist from ESB. Maybe that could be his trigger to go rogue and become a Gray Jedi -- questioning everything that made him turn dark in the first place.
  • Leia actually getting to lead the Resistance and be a badass. Like, come on, TFA didn't do well with that, it's Time.
  • Ahsoka cameo. If not, at least one background togruta. Or twi'lek. Or literally any pre-established GFFA species.

Star Wars Rebels Predictions:

  • Season 3 will deal a lot with Ezra being drawn to the darkside.
  • The character redesigns will age them all a little -- mostly Ezra and Sabine, obviously, but they'll all look a little more professional. Hera's outfit will be reminiscent of the classic X-Wing pilot uniforms from the originals, Kanan might look a bit more Jedi, Ezra might get a haircut, Sabine's hair and armor will change again.
  • Personally, I think Sabine's armour will be teal and her hair will be a completely different color. Like how her hair had amber highlights in S1 and then in S2 her armor was orange and her hair was different.
  • Ezra's crush on Sabine being pretty much non-existent at this point -- they're just really good friends.
  • More characters from TCW!
  • Another Leia episode!
  • More rebel cells! More of the rebellion in general.
  • Okay, here's the really depressing prediction that I touched on in the Rogue One section -- and I know other people have thought of it, it's not an original thought. The Ghosts will all die at the end of the series. I think that Rogue One could foreshadow this, and the planet named could be the planet on which they meet their end. I think that either all of them will die or maybe Ezra will survive alone, and channel Yoda and go to live alone on a non-settled planet. Basically, they can't possibly be around in the rebellion once Luke joins -- he would have known that other Jedi existed. It's possible that they leave the rebellion at some point, but it doesn't exactly seem likely. And I think this will be a few seasons down the road -- not season 3 or 4. 5, 6, or even 7, maybe.

Star Wars Rebels Hopes:

  • Background same-gender relationship.
  • Sabine casually mentioning an ex-girlfriend like Ketsu.
  • Ahsoka showing up at the end of S3 and SAVING EVERYBODY. Yeah, this is the pattern in what I hope for. Sorry, I'm just an Ahsoka stan and miss her all the time.
  • Speaking of more TCW characters, maybe Barriss? Since I don't think she's dead. It would be nice to see her reaction to Ahsoka's "death".

Okay, that's... basically it? I think. I was literally eating watermelon and drinking a piña colada smoothie the whole time while I wrote this, honestly.

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 So went to see my therapist for the first time since May! She went on vacation and moved offices, that's why it's been so long. It was... nice, though it felt like a lot of catching up. She also bought me a piña colada smoothie at Waves after, so that was nice. I also, like, just remembered the whole possibility of not going to the camp this summer, because it came up, and I... am not happy. Although I talked to my dad about it in the car after and he said he'd help my mom deal with it.

Made jambalaya for dinner, which was nice -- we never have it, and I love it -- went to Superstore, where I never go, I just realized I never took the dog for a walk. Damn it, my brother's going to be mad, he walked her two days in a row and I didn't. Finished Prince Caspian before I even got out of bed -- I just need to watch the movie now! My internet went down for about two hours in the early evening so I didn't get to finish reading the beta notes for Lights 1, and I completely planned to! I just finished Rebels S1 while I waited for it to come back since I have the whole series downloaded. I watched the last two episodes of the season, and they're really good, I'd forgotten. Fire Across The Galaxy made me almost cry three times -- when Chopper and the fleet showed up, when Ahsoka showed up, and when Vader showed up. Also Kanera's reunion and Kanan fighting for Ezra. That episode is just FEELINGS EVERYWHERE, though not so much as TotA. Though, to be fair, TotA is possibly the most heartbreaking episode of anything ever and I doubt anything could beat it. Except, maybe, Rebels S3 finale. Oh, reminder to self -- I need to make a post about SW predictions, since I have a few. I'll do that in the morning.


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