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1. Have you ever been to Ireland?
No, but I'd like to go someday. I think I'm part Irish (very far back, on my dad's side where everyone has been Canadian for several generations) so I think it would be pretty cool, at least for that.

2. According to Facts about Ireland, 73% of Americans are unable to locate Ireland on a map bereft of country names. Whether you are American or not, can you find it on a map?
I'm Canadian, and I just checked -- yep!
3. Are you or do you know a natural redhead?
I'm not. I go to school with one (she's more strawberry blonde, but still), and I know another one who is a leader at the musical camp I go to in the summer. And I think one of my brother's friends is one. I know quite a few, actually, I think.
4. Will you be celebrating St Patrick's Day?
I don't know how I really would? I'm wearing green, that'll be enough, I think.
5. Do you even know who St. Patrick is and why we celebrate his day?
Uh... no. I should research that, lol.
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 Pretty good end to 2016, I think.

Panto. Normal day, read a bunch of fic, didn't do much else. Went to a New Year's Eve party, found out that it wasn't, actually, a New Year's Eve party so we were a day early, and went home; cleared out a lot of my fic emails, read a bunch of fic, and worked more on my fic rec page on my sideblog. Answered some things -- two things for an end of year meme, and one thing about writing.

Talked to Leichelle, on tumblr and on the phone, for about half an hour right up until midnight. It was pretty good, we talked about hating our respective brothers for being bigoted and generally shitty. And other things. And the first thing I said in 2017 was "thank god, the hell year is over" because I am SO HAPPY IT IS OVER. Also, it snowed today! A lot! I love snow.

My mom says I should start doing gratitude, so I'm grateful that this hell year is over. Here's to a better 2017.

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I feel like I shouldn’t make entries prefaced with “i really wish I didn’t have to write this” considering I don’t actually have to write entries, at all, but, well. I’m trying to preserve some semblance of my life right now, considering my memory is so fucked that I can’t remember anything past a week ago, basically. And I don’t like talking about being suicidal or being the worst goddamn person alive, but that’s sorta a huge part of my life right now? So I really should. For posterity.

That was a really long way of saying “i’m so upset and want to die but also don’t want to talk about it”.

Christmas was fine. Really. I got Watchmen (the book), socks from two different people, underwear, chocolate-covered oreos (for some reason?) a magazine about Rogue One, iTunes gift card, Indigo gift card, Cineplex gift card, Cineplex admission for two, and a fitness tracker that I can’t use because my phone is too old. So I guess I’m getting a new phone.

We went to my aunt’s new house for the afternoon and evening, but first met them at a park — where my dog very nearly ran in front of a car. It was terrifying. I was screaming, and then I was shaking for ten minutes. I really fucking hope my parents understand, now, why I don’t fucking let her off leash at all of the places that they tell me to go — because all of them are near roads, and not enclosed, and whenever she’s with me she RUNS INTO THE FUCKING ROAD. ALWAYS. It was so scary. God.

Dinner was fine, we played apples to apples and a game with blocks afterwards, and then me, my brother, and my cousin watched the first hour or so of Suicide Squad. I remember it more now and really want to rewatch the whole thing. Although, Edgelord Jared Leto Joker is so fucking boring? Anyway. And I’m listening to Hamilton again and getting More Feelings.

I really need to stop being suicidal when my parents turn the wifi off without letting me do stuff first. I really really need to go to bed before I do something stupid.

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So Christmas Eve was fun! My Granny and my uncle on my mom's side came over for dinner, and while it wasn't the most... riveting conversation, it was kind of nice. My uncle asked me if I'm still reading/writing and I danced around his questions about what exactly I'm writing, since, y'know, I'm not going to bring up fanfiction as a topic during Christmas. Not in the mood to defend it.

And... that's basically it? I'm continuing reading this fic, and I read a few other shorter ones. And I'm very happy that someone I follow who ruined their laptop a couple months ago had it repaired by their parents as a Christmas gift. I feel so happy for them :) and also they're going to continue writing a fic that I love with all my heart and soul, so that's another bonus. Uh. Anyway. I have to go to bed now, because my parents are still up (12:30am! and they're making breakfast, so they're in the same room as me. Sigh) and I need Sleep since I'm going to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner.

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 Also a pretty good day, despite being a little stressful! I'm glad.

My parents had a very small Christmas party tonight, and I had panto, so I was away for most of it. The cleaning was stressful, because my mom gets stressed and then angry while cleaning, but it went pretty much smoothly. I helped make this chili dip recipe we always use, and she made jelly meatballs that I don't like because it has chili sauce and I know it's not ketchup but it smells like ketchup so I can't eat it without feeling sick. Panto went pretty well, actually, though it was different -- the person who calls cues, who used to spend the duration of the show at a standing desk next to the fly rail, moved to the front of house, so I had to actually respond over headset when she gave me my cues. It went better than I expected, and didn't end up being super stressful -- the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) was also on headset for a lot of it, so that took some of the stress out of it. And the show went smoothly, except for the ASM leaving on some backstage lights for a while after intermission and also one of the actors knocking a tree into a wall. And at the end, the director of the show brought the crew onstage to describe our jobs and stuff. Which was surprisingly okay and made me glad I wore my black-and-white cat sweater instead of the black hoodie I've usually been wearing.

By the time I got home, the party was mostly winding down, so I just took some cookies and eggnog (christ, that's most of what I ate today... I am just Not Hungry? I ate like one proper meal total) into the living room and continued reading this Bluepulse fic. It's really good so far, with some great emotional gut-punch moments. I started reading it at the panto, and I'm still reading it. Can't wait to see how it ends. I also read another cute fic just now that I can't link, but it was sweet Christmas fluff and I'm so happy about it. It made me smile so much. Also random side note but two different people asked me what I was reading on my kobo. The first one -- another crew at the panto, Alyssa -- asked what book it was, and I said it wasn't a book and then went oh shit and said that it was for school. And she pointed out that it was winter break and I forced a laugh and said that I'm online schooled. Which is not a lie, just very misleading. And then it was someone at the party, my neighbour, and she didn't ask for specifics, so I just said "A book" and she was all "ah, Nicola the Avid Reader. You've probably read that like three times already, right?" and I forced a laugh again. Ahaha.

And the Carrie Fisher thing. All I can say is that I really, really hope she's okay. 2016, you've already taken so much. Please.

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It’s just past midnight and I am exhausted, oh my god. I got up before eight today, because I had a choir concert. Or, well, the remembrance day assembly that we sang at. There were two ceremonies, and we had to stand through most of it, and it was really tiring. And painful, since my shoes were Not built for that. But overall it was pretty much fine, and I talked to Leichelle a bit between the ceremonies and after. She broke up with her boyfriend, I guess I should add? Also she asked me for three dollars so I gave her the last of my change. She asked if I wanted to have lunch with her and her friends, but my mom was there already, so I didn’t.

My mom and I were sort of on the verge of arguing all day (and there was one weird moment) but avoided another fight like yesterday’s, so that was a success, I guess. We went to Triple O’s — I really love their burgers for some reason — and Lee Valley. And then a bit later, after I reread this fic, my parents went out and I had a long shower and had the evening to myself. Mostly good! I didn’t actually spend a lot of time online today, but I cleared out my tumblr drafts a little. So that’s good.
I did a bit of writing! It was about 1k of a new story for [redacted ship]. I’m annoyed that it’s the only ship I’m consistently writing right now, especially since I REALLY need to get back to working on Lights, but I guess it’s still words? And words are good.
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 Well, I posted the fic for Snaibsel Week today. Only just posted it here now, but hey, we're all only human. And also my brother's friends were here and it was Stressful. I sorta hated it for a while, since I rewatched the YJ Halloween episode (and the first one with Zatanna) and started thinking it was completely OOC for Zatanna to not like Halloween and it was stressful but. I like it better now and I'm glad I wrote it. I got a nice comment, to, and that was nice. I'm excited for tomorrow's fic. I'm editing it right now. Also read/reread fic: this gen Batfam one (reread), this Jason Todd-centric, mostly-gen fic about a suicide attempt and recovery (reread, and honestly I love it because it's so cathartic for me), [unlinkable], this Jaydick angsty fic (reread), [unlinkable], this soulmate AU for Snaibsel week (new fic), this Halloween Barrissoka fic (new fic), this Harleyivy fic (reread), and this Skysolo kidfic (new fic). I... did not realize how many that was.

Also it was Halloween! It was like usual. Slow at times, and then there's fifteen kids at once and oh god when will it end. I believe the number we landed on was 558 trick-or-treaters. Definitely more than last year; I can't remember the number from the year before last, but it was a bit more than last year, I think? So possibly the most we've ever had. There were two separate groups of like ten guys in shiny masks and it was SO CREEPY. My mom and I watched Community (s3 Halloween episode and s2 Halloween episode, though we only got halfway through the second one) in between groups of kids. And we ate so much candy. I'm going to be so sick tomorrow and it will be worth it. The fireworks were good, as usual, though I got ash on my face and smoke in my eyes, so that was... fun. I listened to music through it, as well, and that made it a little more fun.

I didn't do much else, I think? I talked to Rie a little about Jedi metaphors for fandom and also Yuri on Ice fandom discourse. And that was cool. Yeah. Gonna go back to editing now.

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Um. Moving on from that note. I didn’t publish my fic today for Snaibsel week, because — yikes — it’s not finished. I’ve decided to shelve it and finish whenever I can, probably as soon as this week is done and the next chapter of Lights is up. That chapter will be my priority as soon as I’m done all the writing and editing for this week. I finished up the Halloween one, with about 500 words and a bunch of editing. I’ll go through edits again tomorrow and then figure out a title. I want to go with something dumb, like Trick Or Treat, but also what if I want to write a Halloween AU again in the future? I cannot. It’s too basic.
Really… not much? That fic from before took up a lot of the day. It's Halloween tomorrow. Not much else.
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 So Halloween Party was A Thing. That happened. There weren't a lot of people overall -- maybe ten or so -- but it was still really fun. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity for most of the night and went through the whole deck at least once (maybe twice? it was hard to tell) and it was overall really damn fun. I ordered pizza, at the very end we watched the beginning of Deadpool before the last few people left, my brother's friend Brandon showed up for a while and so did Cat. It was good.

That was basically my entire day -- that and cleaning -- but I was also reading fic, I guess? Not linkable for Reasons. I guess I could add that last night I made a post on my discourse blog and because of that post (well I'm at least 99% sure that it was that post) two people I follow followed that blog. One of them being a mutual (though I've never talked to them). It was kind of a good feeling, actually. The post didn't get many notes, but still.

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So my Halloween party is tomorrow and I’m low-key freaking out. There’s not going to be many people, but I have a lot to do tomorrow and it’s stressful and why did I do this. And I don’t have a costume or anything else to wear. It’ll be fine, I’m just annoyed.

No writing done today. I sorta planned to go to bed earlier, but then my mom stayed up until 12:30 with the wifi on (I thought she might forget… she didn’t) and after that I wanted to read fic and drink hot chocolate mix in cold milk. So there’s that. Though with my extra time, I ended up browsing the DC wiki and finding the Young Justice wiki, so now I know more things that I needed to know for Fic Purposes.

Ugh, it feels like nothing happened today. I read this Batfam fic and added bookmarks for a couple of older fics that aren't on AO3 -- I'd never used the external bookmarker tool, so that was interesting. And had a call with my teacher. It was on the phone because she had tech issues, and we looked at my final project (one of them, anyway) for PE/Planning 10. I thought of some degrees I might want to pursue and did some research on them. And I helped my mom clear out a pile of junk that’s been sitting at the top of the stairs for well over a year. And brought my new mattress into my room. It’s airing out right now, but I’ll probably put it on my bed soon.
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 It feels nice to do this by actual wifi, and not have to post it the morning after. Really nice. Anyway.

Was out LITERALLY ALL DAY and spent, like, an hour total online, which feels like sorta an achievement. It's Thanksgiving Sunday, so my mom, my brother and I went down to my aunt and uncle's cottage. I made scalloped potatoes, they were great. The Lindt chocolate was a hit, as was the pumpkin pie from Costco and the apple pie stolen from work. It wasn't really stolen, I should add. We were allowed to take it. It was overall a pretty enjoyable day -- we played lots of card games, I lost at Spoons, we went for a walk, etc. I also read. A... lot. This fic, on my Kobo. It's good. I dunno, I'm pretty new at shipping Jaydick, but it's good. I guess. Though I lose about a year of my life expectancy every time Dick's internal narration calls Jason his "brother" or "little brother". Like, please do not, you aren't related, you are literally only brothers by law, you are SLEEPING TOGETHER AND THAT IS NOT BROTHERLY. PLEASE. Anyway. It's pretty good. I'm on the last chapter, I think, and 89% read. Also read this fic after I got home (WHO DOESN'T LOVE PAIN??? *distant sobbing*) and I think I finished this series this morning, but it's mostly a haze.

Also, surprisingly, I managed to write an entire scene for Lights 6! I think I might have to move around some scenes -- chapters are confusing -- but I'm pretty sure the scene is workable, and yeah. I missed writing Padmé, she wasn't around in the plotline I was mostly working on for the last little while. 691 words total, though 36 of those words may have been me copying and pasting the Jedi Code into a previous scene. But anyway. I need sleep, so 'night.

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 Should I try to summarize today (technically yesterday) in one paragraph? I really want to go to bed.

My dad went away again — Montreal, I think. I went to Costco with my mom to get out of the house and also for pizza. Found out that we’re probably going to my aunt’s cottage for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and got a pumpkin pie and Lindt chocolate for it. And I’ll be making scalloped potatoes, because I love scalloped potatoes but never really make them, since the recipe I use yields too much for three or four people. Read some fics (DC highschool AU with more drugs than I would have liked, but was still okay, and a Jaytim fake dating AU which was fine and idk.) and that was… fine. I guess. I think I might be getting sick, a little bit — I’ve had a headache all day, and my mouth feels like it does when I’m really sick… like, I don’t know how to describe it, just a lot of weird stuff coating my teeth and my throat’s sore and idk. Anyway. I missed a meeting with my teacher because I completely forgot (and felt awful). Caught up to the most recent episode (5) of The Good Place — I really like it, actually, it’s a pretty awesome show. Tahani is probably my favourite character. Or Chidi. Went on TVTropes to look it up, remembered that the Birds of Prey download I used was missing one issue, found it online — which is kinda inconvenient, since I’ve started reading comics before I go to bed and I don’t have wifi at that time anymore. It would be fine if it was just one web page, but it’s not — you load each page of the comic separately. So I’ll probably read the comics tomorrow. And I also downloaded Batman v Superman because I wanted to watch it, and got to about an hour and twenty minutes into it before going to do this entry. It’s just so… good? Seriously, it’s goddamn art. And possibly the most romantic movie ever made. The Notebook who? Also wrote about 400 words of a random DC fic that I definitely won’t finish but hey, it was kinda fun.


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