Feb. 9th, 2017

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 I just... can't really deal with anything right now. I have schoolwork due tomorrow at 5 and I'm going to be out all day and I just started it today. I still have a full essay to do. Tomorrow there's a gap in the middle of the day where I have nothing to do so I can work on it then but idk if I'll be able to finish it and I just. Don't know anymore. Right now fic is literally the only thing I can deal with.

I read a bunch of fic, I Stressed, I listened to a podcast in the bath (and was supposed to write something about it after, whoops, guess not) and I???? Didn't do anything else? I mean I was on tumblr a lot and did a few ask games (including this one. and Kyla messaged me to ask what the redacted ships were and I told her and we talked for a few minutes about this one housewife au series that we're both reading. it was cool) And... yeah not much else??? I also took my dog for a walk (in the SNOW) and fell on ice (into the SNOW). And yeah, it was snowing! I got a video.

I should... probably go to bed since it's not that late but I have to be up and I got so little sleep last night. (also just for fun my icon is from an episode of Doctor Who called The Snowmen. It's about snowmen and snow. I'm so clever (not really))

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 One the one hand, I have so much that I still need to do -- like, so much that I'm just Not Doing for no goddamn reason -- but on the other hand, I had a successful choir concert AND choir rehearsal today. So that was good. The concert (i guess performance would be a better word but my mind always goes straight to "concert" when i think about choir performances) was at an elementary school. I was supposed to walk over there but I think I was late (or something idk the timing was "at the end of first block" and i guess i didn't have the right time) so I just got driven straight there. Afterwards Leichelle invited me for lunch at the school but I needed to buy lunch and the school doesn't take debit. I went to the mall, got lunch, and then went to the library to try to finish my massive pile of schoolwork. It didn't work, unsurprisingly, since I only had an hour (I forgot about library computer's restrictions -- I thought I had an hour and a half), but I got a bit done and emailed it to my teacher, and she said it was fine that I wasn't finished the other stuff. Which is nice, I just have to take it to school next week -- which starts Tuesday since it's a long weekend and I go over on Monday. And I'll be missing choir :))) so great. Not great. God I don't even know. Anyway after that I had choir practice and that was fine. We used microphones, it was good.

I also listened to the musical Assassins, since this post came up on my dash and the song linked piqued my interest. I liked it -- I just bought it on iTunes so I can listen again and actually try to understand the plot. It's not escaped my notice that the only two musicals I've ever bought are about American history. I'M CANADIAN AND YET.

Uh, while procrastinating I also read A Lot of fic. Like a lot. I don't know exactly how much but it was a fair amount. And yeah idk I'm just kinda tired. I should go to bed since my parents are Both yelling at me to go to bed. IT'S NOT EVEN MIDNIGHT OH MY GOD.


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