Feb. 3rd, 2017

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 It's been so long since I did an entry whoops. I started at Island School! It was good, and bad, and kinda just A Lot. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. But a few things: I walked into a thorny bush so one leg and both my hands are covered in tiny cuts, I found out that I am Not In Shape At All (which. fuck), the water wasn't working so I didn't shower the whole time I was there and it was utterly disgusting, the heat wasn't working the first two nights so that was... fun, and yeah. I liked it but I'm also glad that I'm not going next week bc I have an essay to write and I'm also completely exhausted mentally.

I also started this inspiration forum thing today... all day today, and I just realized I didn't do the homework I was supposed to do, god fucking damn it. I went out for dinner and then shovelled the front path and then tried to catch up on emails and then I saw a callout post that was directed at some people that I follow and have talked to a few times which threw me into a pit of anxiety. I'm just so fucking sick of anti mentalities and I'm just so upset. ANYWAY. Inspirational thing was okay, I don't really know what to say about it.

I'm also reading Some Things. While I was away at Island School I was reading this series. It was... good, I guess... the first one is pretty great and the second one seems to be just "let's make Dick Grayson's life more and more awful in increasingly graphic and horrific ways" which is... I mean, it's certainly a specific interest. I did finish up to the current chapter (44) but I honestly?? Don't know if I want to keep reading??? All the rape scenes are just... so much... it's really kinda stressful to read. The plot is good it's just a lot. Idk man. After I finished that I started rereading this (which I'm almost finished yay) because I love it. Only up to the current chapter, again (19) but it's so good. Also I'm using this icon because I miss Doctor Who so much, my nostalgia is Through The Roof. I want to rewatch series 9 so bad. SO BAD.


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