Jan. 27th, 2017

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 I feel like I'm really close to falling apart from stress but like. Not Quite Yet. I'm close but I still have day and a half to buy a whole bunch of stuff that I desperately need. Uh. That should have been improved but I couldn't find hiking boots today and my mom was out the whole day so I couldn't get anything else. I did walk back from the mall, so Exercise, but it wasn't much really? Idk. I've just felt kinda scattered and weird all day. I was gonna watch a movie (Batman: Under The Red Hood (rewatch)) but I just??? Couldn't focus on it for some reason. I did finally finish a fic I've had open for literally weeks (a Shadowhunters one. That would be why it took me so long, I can't really focus on non-DC or some Star Wars right now) and I started this fic (got like halfway through? ish? I'm right at the beginning of the love confession chapter according to the author's note). And downloaded a bunch of Eminem songs for my brother. I think that's... it? If I don't delve into current US Politics stuff because I don't want to think about that and start crying. Oh I also spent like an hour reading through someone's tag on kink positivity and being horrified by terrible people on the internet because??? I don't know??? i don't know her.


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