Jan. 2nd, 2017

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 Uh, I think I spent literally the whole day in a state of extreme anxiety, so that's.... fun. People kept coming in and out of the kitchen where the computer is, and even before that I spent two hours lying in bed trying to feel like I could potentially get up. And I sort of ended up lying in bed with earbuds in blasting music so I couldn't hear the vacuum, because the sound makes my anxiety skyrocket, so. That was also fun.

Actual party tonight, which I almost didn't go to because. Anxiety. But it was fine, overall, I sort of hung out with Leichelle and we watched The Force Awakens -- some of it, at least, and partially with my dad. And now I'm home and my dad wants the computer, so just quickly -- I sorted out my reading log from this year, and don't quote me on this but I think I read 159 books total? Not... entirely sure if I'm remember correctly, but yeah. I think I'll make an entry about it once I sort it out in a word doc instead of just the excel file. Also I went deep into a Sinful ship tag (well, deep as in "literally the whole thing, it's hardly there, why -- right that's why") and then Someone got me into Jayroman, goddamnit, I wasn't planning on this but whatever. Oh and before that I made three posts about my mental health bc it's Bad atm. Anyway. My dad needs the computer.


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