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That's basically how I feel about today. I worked for four hours, somehow ended up with most of the heavy lifting, and that, combined with not eating enough for breakfast and getting my period in the morning AND not sleeping enough, made me so tired and woozy that I almost passed out. I had choir right after, but luckily I had time to go home first, because if I hadn't... singing makes me dizzy sometimes. So I had all these horrifying images of fainting in the middle of choir. Luckily, that did not happen, and it was actually alright. Some new music, I didn't know some of it since I wasn't there last week, mostly fine.

And now I just feel... tired and empty. I read a few long news articles, a lot of Kiss My Wonder Woman blog entries, and got way too many AO3 notification emails, and ended up needing to get off the computer to rewatch some Young Justice episodes to relax. (Homefront, Coldhearted, and Misplaced, I guess I should add for posterity.) I just. Lost all my damn mental energy. It took everything I had to get through tumblr tonight, and then I went and edited some pages on my discourse blog to procrastinate on making this entry. Everything is... so much. And I couldn't just watch the Great SW Rewatch episodes that were up today, so there's that.

I guess I also finished Six of Crows, but I only had a couple of chapters left. Also there's now an actual lamp on the desk, so the kitchen light doesn't need to be on all the time. It's kind of bright when it's dark out, and I can't turn it down, so it's a little annoying, but still nice. And last night, instead of going to bed right after I did my entry, I went and made some new pinterest boards for some of my characters. And got annoyed at the lack of nonwhite models on pinterest. Ugh. Oh, and I also finally figured out what Snaibsel means! And got massively embarrassed that it took me this long to understand it.

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 Today was... somehow... less exhausting than yesterday? Somehow. Even though I was working for nine hours instead of four. That was basically my whole day. It was a really big event, about 300 people, and a fundraiser. We had to be there at 1 (my boss wasn't there until almost an hour later because he was in an accident -- rear-ended someone and got chili and beans all over the inside of the truck. Later, J spilled coleslaw dressing while loading the truck. Lots of spills today), the people started arriving at 4, and dinner was at 6. My mom was working at the baked potato station and I helped her by unwrapping potatoes and keeping the dressings from running out. (okay, it took me almost a minute to finish that sentence. i need to go to bed.) It was also really good when we ate a bit later. There was SO MUCH FOOD LEFT OVER, though. We took home two pies, six styrofoam containers, and a bag full of baked potatoes. It was... a lot.

Other than that, literally nothing, that was my whole day. I have six TCW episodes to watch tomorrow if I want to stay on top of the SW rewatch, but I'm taking the whole day off of everything, so I can probably do it. Oh, actually, I found a series of articles debunking the Irish slave myth. So I'm going to finish them tomorrow and have new ammo in my arguments with my dad about racism.

Edit: I forgot to say that I also read a fic! A Pynch fake dating AU -- here. It was really good, and the prose was so excellent, and FAKE DATING.

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 I am so tired so this is going to be as short as I can possibly make it.

Work again today, 4.5 hours, but different this time -- I was working in the kitchen to prep for tomorrow's catering job. I've never done that before, and it was... interesting. My mom and I spent two hours spearing prawns in a stylish spiral and then two and a half hours wrapping marinated mahi mahi in bacon. I think I stabbed my finger with a toothpick several times, since my left index finger feels bruised. Also my mom and I talked a bit and I got into fandom and shipping. And kept bringing up Young Justice because it's basically all I can think about right now. Anyway, that was... a lot... and standing the whole time, and I started to feel physically awful about an hour before we finished -- back and spine and neck all really sore, almost nauseated. I got through it, though. And we had Ikea for lunch, so it balances out.

After that I basically went home, chilled a bit, went on tumblr (so early in the day, it's a miracle) and then went to Leichelle's birthday party. I was really worried that the Thing from yesterday (I guess I should add for posterity that I did delete the post today since I still have a record of it) but she didn't bring it up and seemed totally fine. I don't know. Anyway, the party was fun. Highlights: someone bringing up a meme about "someone having sexual relations with a chicken McNugget" in front of a middle-aged lady who was waiting to pick up her daughter, me spitting out my punch after someone else was coughing and someone said "choking on a ghost dick?" -- I mean, not that funny, but I wasn't expecting it and I had just taken a drink. Tiffany was asking everyone who came out to the campfire if they were gay and I got to say yes, but I get weekends off. Also Leichelle's friend -- also ex, I guess -- Jason asked me how gay I am on a scale of one to ten, five being bi. My answer was "seven or eight most of the time". And there was a ten-hour loop of a song about booty and lots of Kpop and Costco cake and burgers and Cards Against Humanity and just overall a really nice time. I'm so exhausted, though, so I need to go to bed now.

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 Today was actually going well until I did something awful and reminded myself why I don't have any friends. Because I'm an asshole, that's why. But I'll just sum up the good parts of my day first.

Work: was surprisingly not bad even though I have every reason to think it was awful. Emotional detachment? Maybe. Anyway, my boss was half an hour late because he ran into an accident and the people arrived for lunch fifteen minutes early, so the burgers weren't all cooked. So I -- the person serving the meat -- had to give out 2-8 burgers (usually about 4) and then wait for a few more minutes to serve more people. There were about 200 people total. So that was an awkward two hours. But at least the setup made it clear that it wasn't my fault. And it didn't actually bother me all that much -- I didn't have to run around and fill stuff up, so I was grateful. And we got to eat this time! I had two burgers (yeah, bad idea, i know) and the client person offered us cake after that the company had provided for whatever this occasion was. It was Costco cake, which I haven't had in a while because i haven't had a big birthday party in a while.

Right after that, I went to the choir thing. It was fine, I was a few minutes late but a lot of the people from my old choir ended up transferring into it, so that was nice. And Leichelle braided my hair, which was sorta nice because I'd had my hair braided earlier as well and now it's really wavy and nice. Also watched Young Justice (one episode) and HOLY SHIT is the only thing I have to say. It's the episode with Impulse arriving from the future and the end made me FLIP THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE OH MY GOD. Dystopian futures in non-dystopia works REALLY disturb me, but this wasn't too bad -- I mean, it was, because I nearly started crying, but I'm so damn excited to see what happens next that I forgive the show for hurting me. Also still caught up on the SW rewatch -- TCW 1.02 Rising Malevolence, 1.03 Shadow of Malevolence, and 1.04 Destroy Malevolence were today. And I found out how to borrow comics on a library-connected website (hoopla) and finally started reading Red Hood and the Outlaws. Sexist? Very much so. But Joyfire is still great.

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