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 I finally saw Wonder Woman yesterday!!! I didn't love all of it, and the dialogue felt a little clunky in parts (though I'm really sensitive to that so it's almost definitely a personal problem), but OH GOD, I WAS REALLY EMOTIONAL. Like, I got to the theatre and I was excited and then the movie started and I just grabbed my mom's wrist so hard and was like "OH MY GOD THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING". Like, I didn't grow up idolizing Wonder Woman -- I was remarkably superhero-indifferent as a child, and until I got into Marvel a couple years ago -- but it was a superhero movie about a woman, and even if I hadn't gotten Super Into DC a few months ago, I would have been excited. As is, I was choking down tears for easily the first half of the movie. The second half was... less good, idk. WonderTrev didn't really appeal to me, and the Massive Superhero Fight at the end was exhausting to me (I hate fights like that!!) but the actually movie ending was emotional and enjoyable.

I loved, loved, loved the Amazon fight scenes at the beginning. I know other people have said it before, but a scene with women fighting where they weren't sexualized. Where the camera focused on the fight and not their bodies. It was so unexpectedly emotional, because it's not something I'd even realized was missing. Like, I don't really watch that many superhero movies, even if it's the main genre I watch; but this was so emotional because this is what it could be like, and it's not, but we have this. Ahh. Ahhhhhh.

And, of course, the No Man's Land scene. From all the hype, I thought I would enjoy it more, to be honest. Like, I DID like it -- it just wasn't quite as much of a Moment as I expected. It was really good, though -- it was really damn emotional, too.

Yeah, I really loved Wonder Woman. I really want to go see it again.

And because for some reason I can focus on the WRONG THINGS, I started watching The Handmaid's Tale today. I've seen two episodes so far, and I really like it. It's not totally perfect, and sometimes the excessively long shots where nothing is happening get boring, but I'm pretty sure that's my own attention span as the problem. I really like Alexis Bledel's character -- I'm not all that familiar with her as an actress, but I think she did really well. I can't wait to finish watching it if I ever do hahaha I hate existing


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