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So last night, since I'd watched the Wrong Jedi arc, I was thinking about it, and suddenly remembered a meta I'd read a while ago about how Barriss-as-Ventress broke Ahsoka's rib during their fight in To Catch A Jedi (here). And that made me write this on my phone at 4am, which was Absolute Hell because I'm very slow at typing on my phone. So this is the edited version. BARRISSOKA CUTENESS. Set in the Lightsverse, probably around 9/10 BBY. I don't know if it'll turn into anything, but this is it. Kind of edited, not really, mostly changes of phrase and expanded a bit.

This is surprisingly nerve-wracking, especially considering how unlikely it is that anyone's going to see it, but anyway.

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I'm back to wondering what, exactly, makes me like certain fictional characters so much.

Like, I usually have one or two favs per fandom. Usually they're girls. For example: The 100 has Raven Reyes, Teen Wolf had Allison Argent (apparently I like alliteration as well), Doctor Who has Clara Oswald, Star Wars has Ahsoka Tano.

In fandoms with fewer female characters to choose from, I gravitate towards guys that are, well, two types: one is the snarky, daddy issues, problematic fav, and the other is the character who's really good but struggling to stay good. I usually headcanon both types as bi.

Examples of the first kind: Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf), Dean Winchester (Supernatural, though I'm not in the fandom anymore), John Murphy (The 100)

The second: Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Steve Rogers (Marvel), and a few others probably but those two are the most prominent in my mind.

Right now, my favourite character (absolute, out of all fandoms) is Ahsoka Tano, and it's interesting because personality-wise, she's not a lot like my other female favs. Like, sure, she could beat me up and I'd thank her, like all the others, but she's really dissimilar in most ways. She's also the only one on that last that I headcanon as a lesbian (most of the time, I also ship her with Rex on occasion but for the most part I see her as gay). Clara is bi in canon, and I don't have strong thoughts on the sexuality of Allison or Raven. Might be because recently (last few months) I've gotten more into LGBTQ headcanons and I was in both of those fandoms before that, so it may have cemented my opinion a little earlier. Oddly, though, I headcanon all the guys on both lists as bi and I was in those fandoms just as early.

Hmm. I don't know. I was prompted to make this because I was thinking about how Ahsoka has the very rare distinction of being my absolute fav. I usually can't compare characters across fandom, but right now I feel like crying whenever I see any posts about her, she's my phone wallpaper, she's my icon on here and on twitter, etc. I just. Love her a lot. And I'm not even finished TCW. (I need to do that but depression has been destroying my focus, meaning no TV episodes and I can't really read, either. Though the past few days have been marginally better)

Damn, I need to go to sleep now.


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