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  • Star Wars Cards Against Humanity (with darthvcder on tumblr) which was SUPER FUN
  • Saw Lego Batman Movie again!!!!
  • Read a couple of good fics (Jaytim, Jaydick, another that I won't link bc it wasn't... good (well it was but it almost gave me a panic attack so... no))
  • Posted a new chapter of Lights! Which I forgot to crosspost here. Shit. I'll do that.
  • My brother told me that he deleted most of the pictures I took in Japan off his phone. Because I didn't ask for them, apparently.
  • I found out that a writer I'd liked actually has some really shitty opinions (including, but not limited to: feminism is pointless, gay marriage is useless & gay people are sinners ("but I still respect them" okay susan), abortion is murder, Trump isn't that bad, Irish slavery was real, trans people don't exist, birth control is morally wrong, Muslims are terrorists, shipping slash is just "insane fangirls who think everything is gay", making characters not straight is DISRESPECTFUL TO THEIR STRAIGHT HISTORY, and more! It... really fucking hurt, because I kinda thought I could trust them, y'know? I just... I didn't expect it.
  • I wanted to go out for wings since I'm not going to be home on another Wednesday night until summer, but nah.
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My mom went to Seattle. I went to Anxiety. I added almost fifty new fics to my ficrec page, which took... well, I'm not sure, but several hours, at least. personal tmi shit sorry )
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 Slightly good thing: I finally (FINALLY) got through the backlog of bookmarks I've been meaning to transfer from my current ao3 to my alt one. And then I read a bunch of other fic. Fun times. It was a great feeling, actually -- I still have to edit my ficrecs page and add a bunch to it, but that's a project for another day. Probably tomorrow; my mom's going to Seattle for the day/night and I'll have lots of free time.

Also, the camping trip I'm going on with my school is being more planned! It's going to be on Salt Spring (Ruckle Park) for two nights. Five people are definitely coming, and a few others may or may not. A few people probably don't know about it; we've emailed now, so anyone who doesn't use the chat will see. I'm actually pretty excited; we'll get to play Cards Against Humanity. Priorities, clearly.

I'm... sure other things happened today, I just can't think of them. Oh Well. I should be sleeping anyway.

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 I FEEL KINDA GOOD ABOUT LIFE RIGHT NOW. Like I got a thing done that I should have done weeks ago, I talked to someone (Jayna) for like an hour without totally fucking up, I was stressed about the food thing (it's my food week) but it got resolved, and I have a fic ready to publish! I think I'll do it tomorrow; hiatus is meaningless right? Also I... need to publish something, even if it's not my WIP. It feels so good man, so good.

Other than that, I didn't do much today? Watched The Office with my dad and my brother -- finished season 2 and watched the first ep of season 1 -- and then all of the sudden at like ten at night Leichelle showed up at my door and asked if I wanted to go on a walk with her and Cat. It was nice; she said that one of her goals in life was to get me and Cat to talk more/be friends, and we hugged at the end, so that was good, I guess. My mom is in Portland for some reason and I kinda miss her since I won't see her till I get back from school, but... yeah. I also read a fuckton of fic today (and like... the whole conversation with Jayna was sparked bc she read a fic that I recced on my Bad Ships sideblog and loved it and I got to gush over one of my fav fics, it was so nice) and I'm... slowly clearing out my email, even if it's not complete. Jaytim Week: Valentine's Day Edition happened while I was away, so I have... a lot of fics to read. But it's happening.

Also A Thing happened yesterday and I didn't do an entry then so I figured I might as well now: my dad ran into someone I used to be friends with (and now am not bc she lowkey bullied me and I have anxiety attacks upon seeing her) and convinced me to text her bc apparently her life is going to hell in a handbasket and she needs a friend who isn't caught up in all the Neighbourhood Drama. I didn't know there was even drama, but to be fair, I don't really do anything in this neighbourhood (as demonstrated by the fact that L and Cat were walking at first with these two guys who have lived here for three years and I've never met them) and I wouldn't know about anything like that. Anyway, she texted first and I responded and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. I get the Anxiety™ but it's still a little frustrating and sigh. I don't know. I just... should sleep now. Yeah.

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 I'm so SICK of whining about my life but like. My brain hates me I think.

Since it's Family Day tomorrow (today actually) it's a holiday Monday, so I'm going to school on Monday night and coming back on Thursday. We're also going to Pender during the week and I have to buy some food for that. And also I have to pack a sleeping bag, so that's... nice. I have a better backpack, though -- an actual outdoorsy one that won't kill my back hopefully. On the subject of school, I also did the notes for my essay and started it, but it's... slow going because I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to write about. I'll figure it out. Or not.

Also watched two episodes of Young Justice (Misplaced and Coldhearted) and started Image before I had to go do schoolwork. I've been reminded a lot today of my really severe problem with secondhand embarassment, so there's... that. Image is... not good for that. There's a reason I've never rewatched it despite the hilarious intro. I also read a couple fics I think?? These two EXTREME PAIN Jason and Bruce fics (I almost cried so that's. A lot) and like. A couple others. Man idk. Also a person messaged me on my discourse and I told them my main bc Why The Fuck Not Right? They haven't responded so. Yeah. Also I went for a walk with my mom and the dog and realized that I have a really severe problem with people going near traffic. It sends me into a panic and sometimes there's crying and I just. Can't deal with it. And yeah. I'm just going to sleep now??? I really have a lot to do tomorrow.

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 my life is SPIRALING but hey. i saw the lego batman movie. it was good, i liked it.

also went to a choir concert, realized i have a crush on a straight girl (i just LOVE THAT), ate way too many different trifles (they were so good and so bad for me) and continued rereading this and finished that timkon thing from yesterday and yeah. i didn't do ANYTHING i actually need to do. but i went through the longest dcu fics out of curiosity and livetweeted it, so there's that. also i was doing squats yesterday and my thighs hurt SO MUCH every time i sit down. and i'm just gonna... sleep now? yeah. wait i also signed up for this writing website and i'm gonna try to use it soon? maybe. i'll see if it works.

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 There are... so many things that I actively need to do but I'm just not. I have to email back Issy and Heather and a few other people, I have an essay to choose a topic for and research and write, and I have to finish my IDS letter, and apparently now I have to figure out how to do "less screen time" whatever the fuck that means. And my room is still a disaster. And I just feel overwhelmed.

mental health stuff )

Uh, moving on. I'm reading this (cool timkon au thing), and also took a detour to reread this (very fucked up batlantern thing) because I was kinda bored and wanted a break from the timkon thing. I also reread these three fics at the naturopath because we had to wait forty minutes. As karma for being five minutes late I guess? And yeah. Idk. My brother was home sick from school, we watched a vine compilation that's like 40 minutes long, my dad brought home pizza for dinner and we watched the first (?) episode of Trailer Park Boys (which I made a joke about, and then hated. figures. I wanted to watch The Office anyway). And I spent a little while just now adding bookmarks to my new AO3 account. And I'm just gonna? Sleep now? I need sleep.

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 One the one hand, I have so much that I still need to do -- like, so much that I'm just Not Doing for no goddamn reason -- but on the other hand, I had a successful choir concert AND choir rehearsal today. So that was good. The concert (i guess performance would be a better word but my mind always goes straight to "concert" when i think about choir performances) was at an elementary school. I was supposed to walk over there but I think I was late (or something idk the timing was "at the end of first block" and i guess i didn't have the right time) so I just got driven straight there. Afterwards Leichelle invited me for lunch at the school but I needed to buy lunch and the school doesn't take debit. I went to the mall, got lunch, and then went to the library to try to finish my massive pile of schoolwork. It didn't work, unsurprisingly, since I only had an hour (I forgot about library computer's restrictions -- I thought I had an hour and a half), but I got a bit done and emailed it to my teacher, and she said it was fine that I wasn't finished the other stuff. Which is nice, I just have to take it to school next week -- which starts Tuesday since it's a long weekend and I go over on Monday. And I'll be missing choir :))) so great. Not great. God I don't even know. Anyway after that I had choir practice and that was fine. We used microphones, it was good.

I also listened to the musical Assassins, since this post came up on my dash and the song linked piqued my interest. I liked it -- I just bought it on iTunes so I can listen again and actually try to understand the plot. It's not escaped my notice that the only two musicals I've ever bought are about American history. I'M CANADIAN AND YET.

Uh, while procrastinating I also read A Lot of fic. Like a lot. I don't know exactly how much but it was a fair amount. And yeah idk I'm just kinda tired. I should go to bed since my parents are Both yelling at me to go to bed. IT'S NOT EVEN MIDNIGHT OH MY GOD.

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 I just... can't really deal with anything right now. I have schoolwork due tomorrow at 5 and I'm going to be out all day and I just started it today. I still have a full essay to do. Tomorrow there's a gap in the middle of the day where I have nothing to do so I can work on it then but idk if I'll be able to finish it and I just. Don't know anymore. Right now fic is literally the only thing I can deal with.

I read a bunch of fic, I Stressed, I listened to a podcast in the bath (and was supposed to write something about it after, whoops, guess not) and I???? Didn't do anything else? I mean I was on tumblr a lot and did a few ask games (including this one. and Kyla messaged me to ask what the redacted ships were and I told her and we talked for a few minutes about this one housewife au series that we're both reading. it was cool) And... yeah not much else??? I also took my dog for a walk (in the SNOW) and fell on ice (into the SNOW). And yeah, it was snowing! I got a video.

I should... probably go to bed since it's not that late but I have to be up and I got so little sleep last night. (also just for fun my icon is from an episode of Doctor Who called The Snowmen. It's about snowmen and snow. I'm so clever (not really))

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 It's been so long since I did an entry whoops. I started at Island School! It was good, and bad, and kinda just A Lot. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. But a few things: I walked into a thorny bush so one leg and both my hands are covered in tiny cuts, I found out that I am Not In Shape At All (which. fuck), the water wasn't working so I didn't shower the whole time I was there and it was utterly disgusting, the heat wasn't working the first two nights so that was... fun, and yeah. I liked it but I'm also glad that I'm not going next week bc I have an essay to write and I'm also completely exhausted mentally.

I also started this inspiration forum thing today... all day today, and I just realized I didn't do the homework I was supposed to do, god fucking damn it. I went out for dinner and then shovelled the front path and then tried to catch up on emails and then I saw a callout post that was directed at some people that I follow and have talked to a few times which threw me into a pit of anxiety. I'm just so fucking sick of anti mentalities and I'm just so upset. ANYWAY. Inspirational thing was okay, I don't really know what to say about it.

I'm also reading Some Things. While I was away at Island School I was reading this series. It was... good, I guess... the first one is pretty great and the second one seems to be just "let's make Dick Grayson's life more and more awful in increasingly graphic and horrific ways" which is... I mean, it's certainly a specific interest. I did finish up to the current chapter (44) but I honestly?? Don't know if I want to keep reading??? All the rape scenes are just... so much... it's really kinda stressful to read. The plot is good it's just a lot. Idk man. After I finished that I started rereading this (which I'm almost finished yay) because I love it. Only up to the current chapter, again (19) but it's so good. Also I'm using this icon because I miss Doctor Who so much, my nostalgia is Through The Roof. I want to rewatch series 9 so bad. SO BAD.

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 I don't really have time for a long entry right now (i have to go grocery shopping at 11 at night for Reasons) but:

Basically stressed all day (posted abt it) and,,, yeah. I still have packing to do... actually, all my packing, since all my clothes are in the wash. And I have to figure out food. But I went shopping today and it was pretty good. And I read through a lot of old AO3 bookmarks. Also I'm officially making a new AO3 account for Bad Content. I'm ready.

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 I feel like I'm really close to falling apart from stress but like. Not Quite Yet. I'm close but I still have day and a half to buy a whole bunch of stuff that I desperately need. Uh. That should have been improved but I couldn't find hiking boots today and my mom was out the whole day so I couldn't get anything else. I did walk back from the mall, so Exercise, but it wasn't much really? Idk. I've just felt kinda scattered and weird all day. I was gonna watch a movie (Batman: Under The Red Hood (rewatch)) but I just??? Couldn't focus on it for some reason. I did finally finish a fic I've had open for literally weeks (a Shadowhunters one. That would be why it took me so long, I can't really focus on non-DC or some Star Wars right now) and I started this fic (got like halfway through? ish? I'm right at the beginning of the love confession chapter according to the author's note). And downloaded a bunch of Eminem songs for my brother. I think that's... it? If I don't delve into current US Politics stuff because I don't want to think about that and start crying. Oh I also spent like an hour reading through someone's tag on kink positivity and being horrified by terrible people on the internet because??? I don't know??? i don't know her.
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 I wasn't really going to post an entry today but like. Some things happened?

1. I got hypnotherapy. I don't know how I feel about it except that I can't figure out how to let my damn mind relax and actually just go with it. Also I fucking hate people telling me that I can control my thoughts. I just... I can't accept that as reality and I don't know why. Maybe just like... I have intrusive thoughts that are bad? And being told that "what anyone else thinks of you doesn't matter and has nothing to do with you, and you can always control how you think about something" just really rubs me the wrong way. Also the implied idea that I have to forgive everyone who's ever hurt me because it had nothing to do with me. I know that. Doesn't mean I want to forgive them. Also like??? I'm part of a demographic (bi women) who are at a higher risk than most to be abused, raped, and murdered... it just feels so condescending to act like what other people think of you just!!! Doesn't matter!!! And it feels grossly victim-blamey to say that if you break down after a traumatic event that it's your fault for not becoming a stronger person.

Uh. That's a rant that was meant to be like two sentences. Anyway.

2. I got some anons on my discourse blog. It felt nice. 3. I read this fic -- I started it last night, stayed up till 5am, and finished it this morning. It's amazing, perfect, A+. Also finished this fic that I'd been reading for a while and it's pretty good! Incomplete but good. Started this fic as well. And I changed my AO3 skin from the default to 'For the trees'. It's green and nice. 4. Had a bath. God it's so relaxing. 5. Also went to the eye doctor and didn't go to choir because I'm an idiot obviously. 6. Stressed about school. 7. We moved in the new freezer for good! No more freezer in the garage.


busy busy

Jan. 23rd, 2017 03:02 pm
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It’s almost one and I am… not tired in the slightest. Not sure why. Shit kinda got real today with the school thing. My mom was going over the packing list and while I found it kinda hilarious that a knife is part of the required materials (my dad dug out this knife of my brother’s that I used to play with all the time and I’m doing that again. It’s so fun to flip open and shut) I sorta started to realize that oh fuck, this is happening. In a week. Ohgodohgodohgod. It’s mildly terrifying.

Because of this of course I was stressed as hell all day and I ended up baking Christmas crack again and almost had a breakdown because I couldn’t get the sugar and butter to mix properly. And I managed to convince my mom to buy me gum despite having a complete ban on chew it — I just. Needed it so badly because I need to chew something and right now it’s the skin around my nails and it fucking hurts a lot. I miss gum so much. I want to find some sort of fidget toy to fill the void, but I’m not really hopeful. Also the grocery store didn’t have pomegranates but I managed to get bread. And underripe mangoes.


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 I keep missing days. Uh. Depressive episode? I don't even know anymore. It's cool. It's fine.

But today something actually happened! I went to the Women's March in Vancouver with Leichelle. It was really cool, actually, and I got pictures (links to the other posts at the bottom). I've never been to anything like that before and it was really nice. Afterwards Leichelle and I got lunch and ice cream at the mall. I also was reading and idk if it's unproblematic so I can't link it but. It's a good fic. And another fic that I definitely can't link which is about a trope I hate but the idea sounded too interesting to pass up and yeah, I have to admit it was actually pretty good.

My parents' friends Janna and Didier (?) (still don't know how to spell his name because it's French) also ended up coming over -- they both live in the interior and Janna can't drive anymore so she sometimes drives down with him. And they (including my parents) are currently sitting in the living room and yelling at me to go to bed every couple of minutes.. It's... not going to work. It's not. I... also had a bubble bath (I haven't had one in years and idk why not it's so fun) and redid the theme on my Problematic ship blog (and because I don't know when to stop I also made a tags page and changed the icon/mobile theme) and yeah. Okay. I've hardly slept for two days so I should go to bed.


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Every time I think I’m actually going to work on my WIP, I get thrown off by something. Now it’s “so am I completely bastardizing canon with these trippy Force mind links” and I need to work on it when I’m not tired. Also I have so many things I need to rewatch for research? Rebels episodes — Call To Action (or whichever one ends with Kanan being captured, I don’t remember for sure) for action scene reference and A Princess On Lothal for era-appropriate Leia reference — and like. Possibly a few TCW episodes with Padme and Obi-Wan and Luminara and Ahsoka because I haven’t watched it in while and I need to remember their voices and also check their characterization. Really this is all because someone messaged me to continue the story. Which, I mean, it’s nice and all, but what would have been slightly nicer is if one person left a comment on the last chapter? There was one comment, but it wasn’t a real comment, and — ugh. It just Feels Bad. Like, if you want a story to update, maybe… I don’t know… make the author think you care if it updates? Because I was sort of thinking no one cared and I sorta still do even though I have concrete evidence otherwise.

Uh, anyway. I went to the naturopath again today and… yeah. I don’t know. She suggested hypnotheraphy and like, at this point, if it’ll help with my anxiety, I’ll try it. My mom also had a dentist’s appointment in the area so after we got pizza for lunch we went there and I waited (and there was a baby there. It was adorable) and after while she was paying the receptionist complimented my hair, which was nice. And then we went to the States and I had a minor breakdown about not being able to eat gum anymore. I am so close to ignoring the fact that I’m being slowly poisoned by aspartame and just. Buying more gum and chewing the whole pack before I get home. But that would be a really bad idea because I’d just crave it more. And… yeah. Also Shannon was there and he had a really nice shirt with horses on it. It was cool.

And then my back was killing me so I ended up just lying in bed with a heating pad and rereading a bunch of fics. I was sort of in a Batlantern phase (with these two) but I sorta just read whatever I could find in my bookmarks that looked fun to reread. And just before I did this entry I finished a reread of a fic that I started in October and finished adding notes. I think I got fairly creative with insults — like, I’m realizing that 90% of my internal dialogue is insults that I don’t mean and would never say to an actual person but this gives me an outlet and damn if it isn’t nice as hell. I feel so Good and I probably shouldn’t but still, it’s fun to get creative with insults. (The main reason I was adding insults is because it's about something Obviously Bad in real life and even if I enjoy reading it I still want to drag the main character because. Damn. That's so horrible.) And also because this is getting long: had a “family meeting” which dissolved into so much giggling and also I kept asking for a new kitten because my brother’s friend has a pregnant cat and damn I want a kitten. I know I already have a cat but more than one cat is better than one cat in pretty much every circumstance. Seriously.

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So I saw Moana today! It was so good, damn. I LOVED THE SONGS. I need to buy the soundtrack. It was also POURING RAIN all day, and it’s been so long since it’s rained this hard. I kinda missed it. Even when I was standing in the rain waiting for my dad to pick me up at the bus station. My house is like three minutes away from there by car and it took him TWENTY MINUTES and he said it was traffic. There was no traffic in the pouring rain at seven at night. There really was not. We watched more of The Office when we got home. I… hate Michael. A lot. Like, there are some characters who are The Worst in an endearing way, and there are some characters who are The Worst and you never want to hear about their existence ever. Michael is in the second category. (I'm aware that this is probably a really harsh view to have, but when I hate characters... generally speaking, I really hate them. And I don't hate characters very often at all.)

I also read Various Fics that I can’t really link but Oh Well. I mean, there was this Jaytim one which I found by accident but it was so excellent that I’m just really glad. I’m also slowly making my way through another unlinkable fic. Fun times. And tonight I went through some of my old writing and damn. I found this AU concept for one of my original novels that I wrote… I don’t know when because the file is a copy and there’s literally no way it was only a year ago. It’s 8k of boarding school AU stuff. Featuring secret crushes and sexuality crises and a really sweet love confession. And also dying friends but I skipped over that subplot because I wanted to write New Year’s kisses. That story was the first time I’d ever written a love confession, actually, and I remember feeling So Good after I first wrote it. It’s still lovely. I went through some other older writing as well and some of it is Cringe but some of it is Relatively Good. And that’s good.

Not much else really? Yeah. Though I'm thinking I might possibly start locking my diary entries to just me and then only make public entries if it's something that literally anyone else might be interested in... I'm well aware that there's nothing terribly interesting about my life and especially not on a day-to-day basis. So I'm Considering.

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 Sort of a blurry day. Uh. Not great. I'm reading a longfic that I can't link but it's pretty good... I finished rereading this Jayroy fic... read a few other fics I can't link... and I'm going to reread another fic later tonight. Internet is being kinda glitchy so I'm on my mom's laptop again. I made a ramble-y post about my current School Issues and that's... a thing. I watched like five episodes of The Office with my dad. And my dad put mushrooms in the chili I was making for dinner and since I can't go near mushrooms with feeling like I'm going to throw up, I went to the mall for dinner. I was planning on walking because I didn't want to make my dad upset but my mom made me ask him for a ride and he yelled at me and then offered a ride freely after I explained that I wasn't just being a bitch, I legit couldn't eat it without feeling like I was going to throw up. So that was fine. Idk. Also I'm barely hungry at all at this point and it's mildly worrying.
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 I haven't made a diary entry in... three days? Whoops. Not much of note except anger that was not conducive to writing and then being kicked offline before I could do an entry. I should say that I played minecraft for the first time in... months... like, so many... on the first day I didn't do an entry, and last night I had a really long conversation with my dad that started as a fight and then had talk about me being suicidal and stuff and he told me something he'd never told anyone in the 40-ish years since it happened. Which I definitely 100% can't talk about publicly, but I wanted to make note of when it happened.

Today was good; I went to Zoe's and that was cool. We ended up talking about shipping a lot and also antis and like, fuck antis, man. Today was pretty chill? I also got lots of anons. And reread a couple of fics, read a couple new ones... not much. Really not. And I also got some anons today. And FUCK, I just went on my kobo to check something and my kobo DELETED EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COLLECTION I HAVE. That's fucking great. I now have to go through 35 pages of books and add every fic to one collection, hope to god it doesn't reorganize them, and then figure out what other collections I had before. That's fine. Have I ever mentioned that my kobo is super sensitive and responds to the lightest touch, and also barely fucking works? That's a thing. That's a really convenient thing. Uh, I need to shut up now.

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 Well, I got into the school. Not a surprise, it's not even full, but now I still have to decide if I actually want to go. It's... it's a lot. I don't know. I posted about it, and someone replied, but neither thing really helped. My mom was on the phone with the main teacher and that was... that was fine. I just don't know anymore.

I had choir, which was... decent. Not great, I felt kind of awful, but Leichelle was standing behind me and putting little braids in my hair, so I think I'm a winner here. After choir my dad drove her and her brother to the mall so they could wait for a pickup, and that was... fun. And amusing. I dunno. I also read A Fair Amount of fic today -- bad pairings, no one's surprised at this point. Well, I finished this one Superbat one. It was cute. Although I felt like I didn't recognize Bruce as a character, but I think that's because Nolanverse Bruce is not actually him. But I digress.

I also had a really long conversation with my parents which basically went from "so have you decided if you're going to that school yet" to "that thing you're going to will CHANGE YOUR LIFE" to "I know probably way more gay guys than anyone you know" (my dad) "yeah, because they're all flight attendants. all of them" (my mom) (like, really? really? and then my dad was like "yeah there's even one or two I consider my friends. and also I once told one of them that if I were gay he'd be My Guy") Like... why. And this took place after midnight. And I'm so tired. Ah... I also watched some Young Justice -- like, four episodes? 1.08 Downtime to 1.12 Homefront so... five. Huh. My brother watched some of them with me which was Nice.


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