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 Good-ish, bad-ish day? Mostly good right now, so that's something.

Panto matinee today, and it went fine basically? I didn't have to do flies so I read... a lot. Finished this Bluepulse fic, and my Hothouse Flower reread. Yet Another Problem I have with the series: the constant trend of abusive parents who get forgiven. Like, fuck... if your mother gets your boyfriend arrested for statutory rape -- when she had NO REASON to believe that he actually committed the crime -- you would have every right to not talk to her. And, you know, you also don't have to forgive your mother for destroying the lives of the people most important to you (different case) and you definitely don't have to forgive your father for being downright abusive for your whole life just because he loves you. Like, for fuck's sake.

Uh... anyway. A couple of the other Problematic Ship Blogs reblogged from my Problematic Ship Blog, so I went through them and reblogged e v e r y t h i n g I liked. Which took a Lot of time. And I also started reading this fic -- it's a post-apocalyptic Batfam AU. It's good! There's lots that's clearly inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, which I appreciate. And my brother wanted fondue, so my family had cheese fondue for dinner. It was... something. Actually, the flavour was a little strong for me (probably too much wine, for me, and I don't like the taste of strong cheese) so I didn't... love it... but it wasn't bad either.

And just now I watched the Sense8 Christmas special! It was so great, I'm really happy. Nomanita is always so lovely to see, and Hernandito was also great. And fuck, I'm sad about what Lito's going through, but the scene with his mother... oh god, I almost cried. I'm so happy about that. I'm happy about most everything, actually. I might make an entry with more coherent thoughts in the morning.

ETA: I'm pretty sure I was also reading through the Death Of The Family comic storyline but I didn't write about it? Uh. So I think that was this day. I'm maybe a quarter of the way through it, or a bit less.

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So I wrote lots, just… not for Lights, because apparently I can do everything except that right now. 2k of a story for [redacted pairing] and while it didn’t get explicit, it got vaguely close to it, so there were a couple of moments where I stared at the screen for a minute straight before I could manage to type a specific word. Also 534 words of a random scene with two of my OCs — pure crack and fluff, basically a fic of my own story, based off of some prompt I saw somewhere about “imagine person A of your otp doing pushups while person B sits on their back and reads a magazine”. I just couldn’t resist and it was really fun, actually.

I read a fuckton of Batlantern fics today, and it was actually pretty fun? I’m in the middle of this one, and it’s. Uh. It’s not what I expected. Not that I really knew what to expect, considering the lack of tags and inefficient summary, but still. Didn’t expect the murder and prison subplot. Really did not. I also finished rereading Ricochet (from Addicted) and I am Reminded of how much I dislike Lilo, great. Good god, they are terrible for each other and I’m pretty sure Lo is kind of a controlling asshole. Also fuck Connor. And Ryke. Rose is cool, I like Rose.

I got out of the house today, actually — I wanted bread, so I went to the mall after dinner. The bakery was closed, so I got Starbucks and read that fic I linked, and then I got fries from the Greek place and continued the fic, and then I got an Orange Julius (except triple berry flavour, and not the original kind probably because I think the guy fucked up my order) and went home. It was really relaxing, actually. Also before I went, right after dinner, there was a hysterically funny moment that probably won’t translate but I’ll try? So my brother walks to school every day from a public transit station, and he goes through a mall. I was asking if there’s an ATM there, since I wanted cash, and my mom told me it was across from Shopper’s (Drug Mart but we just call it Shopper’s) and that Danny walks by it every day. I asked how he got in, because I didn’t know where the exterior door was. And somehow, my mom didn’t realize I was asking for the exterior door, even though I said it like five times, and kept telling me that the door was just past Shopper’s. And by the time I got it through to her that I was talking about the OUTSIDE DOOR, she was laughing hysterically and I was laughing too and we both ended up crying of laughter and my brother facetimed by dad to tell him about it and it was overall a really good time. I hope I remember it, it was awesome. Also my dog is at my feet right now, under my desk, and I don’t know why? What to heck. ETA: she came upstairs with me and slept on my bed for a while! Didn't stay, but it was really nice.

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(this is from YESTERDAY and i forgot to upload it whOOPS)

So I actually got things done today, wow. I finally did that choir assignment for finding vocal range (only seventeen days late) and found out that I’m apparently an alto, which, I mean. I know I could be an alto, but I can sing really damn high if I’m warmed up and on a good day. Though, I didn’t warm up at all for the assignment, but that’s entirely my fault. I also sent the invitations for my Halloween party and uploaded a new chapter of Lights. And then I wrote 600 words of Lights 7! I’m not happy with it… like, at all… but it’s there, it’s editable, that’s progress.

My dad got home again, and now he’ll be here for ten days or so. It’s fine. Although, cool thing: he got me to come over to my neighbour’s house so I could get honey from beehives. Apparently they’re beekeepers? Which I did not know. It was really cool, I learned about bees and honey and stuff. They gave us some honey as well, and it’s really good. And honeycomb! Which no one has eaten yet, but I’d love to try it.

Also read some fic starting as soon as I got up, basically and I would add them but i have no time. So I yelled at my mom to turn on the wifi from the top of the stairs and just read them in bed. I also finished rereading this and also continued the reread of Ricochet that I started a while ago. And ugh. I… I like the series, overall. I do. But holy fucking hell, how fucking gross do these male characters need to be. Which male characters, you may ask. ALL OF THEM. Ryke, she’s not your fucking girlfriend and even if she was you’d be way out of your lane. Connor, Rose is not a fucking prize to be won and I don’t care how many times they debate and prove their equal intelligence, their relationship is built off of trying to one-up each other and win at all costs. It’s not fucking healthy for either of them. Lo hasn’t been around to do anything, but you know, enabling his addict girlfriend in the past is still gross. Am I probably too angry about this? Yeah. Is it at least 50% because the sex scenes in this series are just not as good as fanfic? Yes. Um, yeah, I’ll just cut myself off here.

Also started watching Watchmen — the Ultimate cut. I’m about an hour and a half in, and it’s good so far. Really close to the book and really good overall. Also I started on tumblr early and went on it again later. It’s a minor thing but I sort of wanted to note it.

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 I need to stop staying up so late. To be fair, though, I was up until 3am last night and I don't think that'll happen again, since I'm suddenly really hungry and if I go to bed I'll feel better.

I'm not caught up on the Great SW Rewatch, but I watched yesterday's episodes, so there's... that. I sorta forgot how obvious Obitine was? Like damn. I do ship it, actually, but not a ton. It's cute. I don't know. I also started rereading Ricochet, and I'm yet again uncomfortable about people violating Lily's right to be a person and make her own decisions. She went to a party, Ryke. You don't have any authority to drag her out kicking and screaming just because you don't trust her. Okay, to be fair, he's not there yet and I don't remember what he does when he gets there, but still. He's acting like a possessive jerk and he's not even her boyfriend... fuck off, dude. One particular moment, though -- that whole "ew Ryke better not ever look at Daisy romantically ever" things. In retrospect, pretty hilarious. (I find it kinda sad that the ship that I find the most healthy out of the whole series is Ryke and Daisy, regardless of their age difference.)

I'm sort of slowly working my way through this fic (link doesn't go to first chapter because i'm lazy) and I also read a bunch of other shorter fics because restraint? What is it? A few Check Please -- oh god, today's update was SOFUCKINGPAINFULIMGONNADIE. Honestly Check Please is everything I didn't know I needed in my life. I also wrote today -- 890 words of my novel. Finally finished the scene I've been stuck on forever, and it ended in unexpected crying and hugs, so that was adorable and I was surprised at my own writing. And I sat down and made a Excel timeline doc so that I could keep track of the fantasy weekdays! It was good. Though I realized while I was skimming the previously-written scenes in order to place them that two scenes could literally go anywhere and were just buildup, so I might need to cut one of them at some point.

Also went to the chiropractor, which was not as painful as it has been! For some reason my mom thought it was at 3 when it was at 4, so we had to go get coffee at starbucks (or, if you're me, a pumpkin scone and a salted caramel frappuccino) until 3:30 -- it could be moved, luckily. It was okay -- I didn't get such a terrible headache as the last two times. And the chiropractor asked about my hobbies and my mom mentioned my writing and he went into a spiel about how to get money from advertising my writer and stuff. Which is nice and all, but at this point, I don't write for money and don't really want to. He also suggested I write an episodic series of short stories (I guess that's what he meant, I think he wasn't clear on the terminology) about a purple-haired writer/journalist who was also a superhero. I would consider it if not for the obviously self-insert nature of it, since I think writing a self-insert would not be a good idea for me. I hate myself too much to be objective; they'd either be perfect or the Literal Worst Human Being To Ever Exist.

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 I know I've stayed up too late, because I've been sort of shaking on and off for about half an hour, and also I don't quite remember anything that happened today except for the last few hours. So there's that.

I reread Addicted To You -- I don't love the Addicted/Calloway Sisters series, but the books are so easy to read and good for a reading slump, so I'm rereading it -- and it's... interesting, upon reread. The descriptions of Lily's mom are either inconsistent with the later books, or I'm just remembering them wrong -- I hope it's inconsistent, because I put tropes related to her character as I remember it on the TVTropes page I made. Which no one else has edited so far, I might add. I sorta wish I could see hits on it, but I guess that's kind of ridiculous to wish for. Anyway, back to the book. The way it talked about asexuality bothered me -- a lot, actually -- but I can probably give it a pass because it was written a few years ago and asexuality wasn't really well known until recently. Also, uh, a lot of Lo's behaviours are downright... rapey. I'm sorry. But you don't just fucking pin someone against a wall and then tell them that it's "my bedroom, everything in here is mine" when they tell you to stop. (I think there was one other moment, but it's slipping my mind at the moment) Sigh... I just. Can't, sometimes. Those books are really interesting and deal with some heavy stuff and are generally pretty good, but it's stuff like that. IIRC, Connor does some vaguely rapey things as well in KTS... goddamn it. Anyway.

Also read this fic. It was really good! Even if it was riddled with spelling errors. God, the whole concept is so interesting? I saw it last night and I was so close to just reading the whole thing because it looked SO ENTICING. It lived up to my expectations, mostly, so that was great. I also started the sequel. And watched TCW 2.12 The Mandalore Plot -- SATINE, I LOVE YOU. I'm not caught up on the rewatch -- there were three eps scheduled for today -- but I didn't think I'd watch any, so. But something (next paragraph) happened that made me watch it, so.


Also a little bit of writing! Reread some unpublished chapters of Lights, edited them a tiny bit, and wrote a bit of Epic Fantasy Novel. I think I might have solved the issue I'd been having with this scene (for... literal months) so I'll probably continue that... maybe tonight, because fuck it, I'm not sleeping yet. Sleeping means accepting that I have schoolwork in the morning, so nope, not yet. And I only wrote 267 words total, and that's just ridiculous.

I guess I remembered more than I thought I did. Well then. I guess I should also add that I was really anxious and ate a lot? Or chewed a lot, I had so much gum that my teeth ended up hurting. And I seriously can't believe I forgot that I went to a dog training class with my mom. It's not quite training -- as far as I could tell, it was just about finding treats in a variety of boxes -- but hey, dogs are cool.


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