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I don't know what this is, honestly, I'm just here to try for a fandom experience away from the toxic hellsite of tumblr. I'm gray-ace, bi, cis, Canadian, and somehow recently turned into one of those weirdos who do everything outside and like camping and know how to start campfires and use knives properly. (Island school.) I write things, but they aren't very good mostly. Currently very deep in a DC comics obsession while simultaneously having read very few actual comics ever in my life.

I don't actually know how to use this site (since my fandom experience has been mostly tumblr) so I really don't know anything about etiquette on here. Sorry in advance, I guess? (this means I don't tend to comment -- partially anxiety, partially not ever feeling like what I say is worthwhile (which is also anxiety I guess??) -- and only rarely follow people) I'd also love to make friends, but I'm terrible at conversation, so I guess don't assume just because I'm not talking doesn't mean I don't want to be friends or something.
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