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1. What is your current main mode of transportation? e.g. car, bike, subway, walking etc.
I really don't travel all that much, but usually by Skytrain/walking. Sometimes the bus. The ferry, quite a lot.

2. Are you satisfied with your current main mode of transportation (answer to question 1)? Why?
I would rather be driving, but like, I'd have to actually get my learner's...
3. Do you think you'll change your means of transit soon? e.g. buy a car, get rid of your car, walk more etc.? If so why?
If I get a license, yes, I'll start driving. If not... probably more of the same.

4. If time distance and money were not factors how do you prefer to get from point A to point B?
Private bus, flying, or ferry. Pretty much anything that doesn't require you to be in the exact same spot the whole time.
5. What was your worst transit experience?
Possibly my flight to Japan? I took a sleeping pill six (of ten) hours in, and didn't fall asleep, so once we landed it was seriously kicking in and I had the worst headache of my life and was lying on the airport floor half-asleep for ages. And then on the next flight (one hour), it was delayed so we were taxiing around for half an hour, and I woke up every. single. time we stopped, so I was just waking and falling asleep for the whole time.
Other than that... I've had some seriously annoying ferry delays. And then two weeks ago there was a fire alarm on my ferry. We were practically docked -- I was going down to the vehicle deck to get off when the alarm went off -- so it wasn't as scary as it could have been, but the crew were all putting on their vests and the speaker was repeating "this is not a drill" and all the passengers had to gather in the forward lounge for a while while they contained the smoke in the engine room. And I was alone. It was... something.


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