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 Late as usual, sigh... from [community profile] thefridayfive

1: How did you name your pets?
It's been ages since I named a pet, and both times they were family pets so it was a democratic process. For my cats, my brother named his Rocky (I don't know why) and I named mine a random French word. She's now drifting in the wind, god rest her soul (she's probably alive). With my dog, a few years later, we all put suggestions -- I suggested Calliope because of Greek myth -- and cut most of them if anyone disliked them, and voted. Calliope won, and we call her Callie now.

2: Poirot or Miss Marpel?
Never read either. Yes, I'm one of those Goddamn Millennials.

3: Do you have a FB account too?
I've had one since I was nine, though the first one got deleted for reasons unknown. I still have my second account, but I don't use it except to log into games and send messages

4: Books - hardcover or paperback?
Physical books? Paperback, for sure, it's so much easier to read. I always feel so anxious reading new hardcovers, and they're generally just harder to manage. But in the end, while I do love physical books, I prefer my kobo (or like. maybe a newer model, but that's neither here nor there) because of the ease of transport, the ability to read fanfiction and not look like a Goddamn Millennial on my phone (and also read them offline) and being able to highlight passages. Though that's a little easier in iBooks on my phone.

5: Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?
Apple, I think. I had an android for my first phone, but since it was my first phone, it was absolutely terrible (two. gigs. of. space. TOTAL.) and it kinda put me off androids.


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