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So. I loved it. It was heartbreaking and lovely and Hugh Jackman's acting was phenomenal. It always is, but it had a certain air to it... probably of finality, considering, y'know. It's the last time he'll ever play Wolverine. It's so weird to think that he's been playing this character LONGER THAN I'VE BEEN ALIVE.

I just... wow. Charles' character was so heartbreaking as well, and his death was surprising when it came, but of course it seemed inevitable from the beginning. That scene was... amazing, god. The whole movie, the fight scenes were absolutely amazing -- I was looking away for a fair number of them, but I saw enough to see Quality.

Laura. LAURA. I do somewhat take issue with the whole "deadly silent little girl" trope, since I've heard it pointed out that it's often used as a substitute for actual characterization, but I think it was really effective, especially with the slow reveal of her backstory and her sudden reveal of being able to talk. Although, funny as that was, her characterization could've been a hell of a lot better if she started talking earlier. Just saying.

I really, really loved most of her moments with Logan; they were so heartbreaking and lovely. I loved the scene where he was falling asleep and she got him to go to sleep and took the wheel -- that was GREAT. And the ending when she called him "dad" as he died -- so he got to die with his child looking down at him, holding him? Like, fuck, that was amazing. And of course the end-ending -- as she spoke over his grave and turned the cross into an X -- was perfect and oh god I'm still emotional. BEST POSSIBLE ENDING TO THIS SAGA.

Other stray observations... totally a personal thing, but the scene with the horses on the highway? Freaked me out and I almost started crying (because HOLY SHIT do i have issues with animals and cars) and that was not fun. Laura getting that ipod was really cute even if I don't really see the point (maybe I missed it idk). I really, really loved how serious this movie was, and how it got clearer to me as they killed off more and more characters. It became really clear to me that this was truly The End -- kind of a post-apocalyptic thing, even if the apocalypse only really happened to the mutants. I heard it compared to The Dark Knight Returns and I can really see that.

JSYK -- the link in my "currently listening" goes to a Logan playlist because Of Course It Does.

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