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So I saw Moana today! It was so good, damn. I LOVED THE SONGS. I need to buy the soundtrack. It was also POURING RAIN all day, and it’s been so long since it’s rained this hard. I kinda missed it. Even when I was standing in the rain waiting for my dad to pick me up at the bus station. My house is like three minutes away from there by car and it took him TWENTY MINUTES and he said it was traffic. There was no traffic in the pouring rain at seven at night. There really was not. We watched more of The Office when we got home. I… hate Michael. A lot. Like, there are some characters who are The Worst in an endearing way, and there are some characters who are The Worst and you never want to hear about their existence ever. Michael is in the second category. (I'm aware that this is probably a really harsh view to have, but when I hate characters... generally speaking, I really hate them. And I don't hate characters very often at all.)

I also read Various Fics that I can’t really link but Oh Well. I mean, there was this Jaytim one which I found by accident but it was so excellent that I’m just really glad. I’m also slowly making my way through another unlinkable fic. Fun times. And tonight I went through some of my old writing and damn. I found this AU concept for one of my original novels that I wrote… I don’t know when because the file is a copy and there’s literally no way it was only a year ago. It’s 8k of boarding school AU stuff. Featuring secret crushes and sexuality crises and a really sweet love confession. And also dying friends but I skipped over that subplot because I wanted to write New Year’s kisses. That story was the first time I’d ever written a love confession, actually, and I remember feeling So Good after I first wrote it. It’s still lovely. I went through some other older writing as well and some of it is Cringe but some of it is Relatively Good. And that’s good.

Not much else really? Yeah. Though I'm thinking I might possibly start locking my diary entries to just me and then only make public entries if it's something that literally anyone else might be interested in... I'm well aware that there's nothing terribly interesting about my life and especially not on a day-to-day basis. So I'm Considering.

Date: 2017-01-19 06:53 am (UTC)
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Focusing on The Office part, i'm sure you can rationalize that Michael Scott is intentionally a hate-able character... lol even when watching him makes your face tense up in distaste, which means you might hate David Brent even more should you see the original BBC office, which is okay though since it's only 13 episodes.

Date: 2017-01-19 07:36 am (UTC)
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It might be weird watching it considering The Office US (Season 1) was adapting it, so you might not help but compare as-you-watch, as I did.. but, it's cool cause Marty Feldman plays Tim (aka Jim), whom people also know as Dr. Watson, and Bilbo Baggins. Also, the Dwight character is played by one of the Black Pearl crewman from the Pirates movies (all of these more major roles came after of course ; ),,, plus they use landline phones, it's pretty cute for being out of date haha


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