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 I've just sort of accepted that I'm done with Socials, pass or (probable) fail. I emailed my teacher to ask what my current grade is and then cried about the fact that I have finished only two of the five classes I started this year. I just... can't deal right now. So that was stressful, and I just desperately need it all to be over.

I started watching Young Justice, which is a fandom I'm about five years late to but it's a pretty good show. I got about six episodes in? I also looked at the TVTropes page and I don't understand any of the ship names. At all. What the fuck is "Traught"???? How is that even logical??????How do you get that from their names?????? I don't get it. It's probably a reference to something, but I spent at least half an hour thinking about how little sense it makes, so I thought I'd mention it. ANYWAY: So far I ship Robin and Kid Flash, I think Kid Flash is a Confused Bisexual Nerd, I really like Robin and Aqualad and M'gann, I'm not a big fan of Superboy, and I like Artemis but I've only seen one episode with her so I'm holding back my judgement for now. Also Batman and Superman are actually Superboy's dads, it's canon.

I think I read a little more of Carry On? Not sure. It was mostly Young Justice today. Also wrote! Finished chapter 5 of Lights -- well, I might add one more scene, but it's over the minimum wordcount and works on its own, so that's a win. Wrote almost 1k total, so that's also a win! The rest of the words are the beginning of chapter 6, which is sort of a mission chapter and I need to figure that out somehow. Also I need to figure out the schematics of the Ghost and figure out which Imperial complex 6 is set at so I don't describe it as wrongly as I currently am. I'm also trying to figure out exactly how different this AU is. The rebellion formed earlier, and I think Ezra's parents are still alive, and for some reason the Ghosts haven't been very active yet so the Lothal Imperials aren't looking too closely for them. I'll figure it out eventually.

My brother also brought his friends over at 10:30 or so to play poker in the kitchen. Which was stressful. There was muffled rap music near playing near the end, they were talking about Weird Guy Stuff, and the guy I used to have a crush on had a manbun. It was tragic. And I'm finally alone. I... maybe didn't need to be alone today, but I just really miss my mom is all. She'll be back tomorrow, so. I also had a breakdown over food, I guess I should add... I didn't know what to cook and ended up having Fake Greek for dinner -- kebabs, undercooked potatoes which I then fried in the remains of the chicken and lime (we didn't have lemon) juice and olive oil and Greek spices, and terrible pita bread with tzatziki. And I left some for my brother and he didn't have any and didn't clean it up after he said he would and I'm just complaining now and I need sleep.

Date: 2016-08-29 09:28 am (UTC)
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Young Justice! Aqualad is my favorite.
Idk about shipnames, I'm still a big name of name/name.


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