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 There are still too many people in my house. But the kids went out for a few hours, at least, so there was a bit of quiet for a while.

Ended up having a really long talk with Janna encompassing depression, antidepressants, suicidal thoughts, weed, cocaine, Calgary, the two (!!) times she accidentally got my dog high while dogsitting, my former best friend, my trip to Japan, and various other things. It was... interesting. And I'm thinking about antidepressants again. I mean, hearing about her personal experience with them was a bit scary, because apparently they made her seriously suicidal (and so did some epilepsy meds, so that's unfortunate) when she was taking them, but still. I feel like it might be a good thing to try because I'm not going to magically clean up my diet or start exercising all the time. And it made me grateful (oddly) about how there's like... no way in my house to cleanly commit suicide. Like, in the rare times when I might have ventured into the planning stages, I was always stopped by that. I'm really sensitive to pain, so that eliminates anything requiring a buildup (like cutting), the only guns we have are shotguns and locked up, no one uses pills, we don't have a garage, etc.

Also played a really interesting game of Apples to Apples and my brother and the other boy were laughing hysterically and being really annoying. Lack of sleep, probably. At least I won the game. I also watched some various DC theory videos and got made at the blatant BvS hatred in literally all of them. I'M SO TIRED. THE WORLD AGREES WITH YOU, THERE'S NO REASON TO TALK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME. It's like the prequels all over again. Still rereading Carry On slowly as well.

Also spent like two hours making new pinterest boards for Orphan Black, Teen Wolf, and Doctor Who. I haven't made a lot of TV boards -- I usually stick to books and basic aesthetics or themes -- but it was pretty fun and I'd love to make more. I did a lot of searching by character name and finding boards to pin from.

Date: 2016-08-26 09:40 am (UTC)
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Please seriously consider antidepressants. Get a good psychiatrist to help you find the right ones. The first ones I tried helped at first but made me very tired all the time, but the second ones were extremely helpful and I'm sure I'd be a lot worse off without.


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