Jun. 30th, 2017

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From [community profile] thefridayfive 
1) What's the weather like where you are today?
Hot. Sunny. Could be worse, but it's hot enough that I wish I could wear shorts. (I just dyed my hair so I'm wearing my paint jeans. Which are full-length jeans. At least they have holes in them)
2) How does this type of weather make you feel?
Nostalgic? Depressed? Oversensitive? Annoyed? All of those things in varying degrees. Although it really depends where I am. If I'm not at home or in the city, I love this weather.
3) What's your favourite time of year (thinking about the weather)?
...autumn, probably? I like layers, I like being able to wear tights, I like not having extreme cold indoors and needing a jacket just for that. And I just love autumn in general. I love winter as well, but autumn edges out ahead just because I won't ever *need* to wear snow boots.
4) Is there any weather that just makes you want to hide away indoors?
SUPER HOT WEATHER. Thank god we almost never get that here, although this summer is looking likely to be warmer than most because global warming of course. Yeah... I've never been anywhere really really really cold, so cold weather just makes me want to put on a jacket and go sit outside, hopefully in the snow.
5) If you were moving somewhere purely for the climate, where would it be - what's your perfect year-round weather scenario?
...probably here, to be honest, or in the Gulf Islands, which is the same but has the advantage of not being in the city, so there are Trees and Less Concrete.


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