Mar. 16th, 2017

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 I've gotten out of the habit of doing these, yikes. I'll try to do better. I'm on spring break now! I changed my twitter @ (to @lumineras) and life is... good, I guess? I'm in a weird place where hearing certain things skyrockets my stress level (and a lot of them are things my brother does all the damn time. hahaha. fun.) but I can deal with it I think?

My school week was pretty good, actually. Megan and Mila were both away so it felt a little weird/unbalanced, but other than that... Leichelle visited from Sunday night to Monday afternoon, and we had another visitor on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday we went geocaching and had a car wash to raise money for legal fees for the First Nations suing against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Yes, there's a lot of irony in doing a carwash to raise money against an oil pipeline, but also we made almost $450 in two and a half hours, so. I also got a hat! It's been passed around a fair bit, so it's been pretty fun to wear. It's very comfortable.

I also had a twitter conversation sort of about how apparently Batlantern is now "toxic and abusive" because Bruce is evil and manipulative and Hal is a gullible baby apparently. Because logic! And someone asked me my opinion on rpf, so that was... fun to write about. And I ordered some socks. And I went to see Hidden Figures again, this time with my mom. And I'm going to have a bath and chill and go to bed.


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