Feb. 16th, 2017

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 I FEEL LIKE I'VE BEEN GONE FOR A MONTH BUT IT'S ONLY BEEN FOUR DAYS. God. I'm just... exhausted and vaguely elated that I made it. Quick recap of all the days I was gone: Tuesday was a normal school day (whatever that means) but since there was a long weekend it was the first day of school. At 6am the next morning we took a ferry to another island, where we walked for an hour to a bible camp and then walked to a "farm" which was actually a circle of hell designed specifically for me. And then today, after a hideous, hellish night of (no) sleep, we did morning activities and then made a fire and ate and then I went home. Basically. Sorta?

We had to cook, dinner and breakfast, which was fine but there was drama of course. There was so much mud everywhere and it was rainy as hell yesterday so that only made it worse -- all my clothes are coated with mud, including my boots, and I am honestly SO GRATEFUL that I have rain pants. Also I Bonded with Mila on the ferry rides there and back. And I was reading some fic that I won't get into bc. Yeah. Anyway, I'm back now, went out to White Spot for dinner with Janna and Didier (still idk how to spell his name) and I had 130 emails when I got home. I still have... a lot to catch up on... but I'm going to bed now.


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