Jan. 15th, 2017

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 I haven't made a diary entry in... three days? Whoops. Not much of note except anger that was not conducive to writing and then being kicked offline before I could do an entry. I should say that I played minecraft for the first time in... months... like, so many... on the first day I didn't do an entry, and last night I had a really long conversation with my dad that started as a fight and then had talk about me being suicidal and stuff and he told me something he'd never told anyone in the 40-ish years since it happened. Which I definitely 100% can't talk about publicly, but I wanted to make note of when it happened.

Today was good; I went to Zoe's and that was cool. We ended up talking about shipping a lot and also antis and like, fuck antis, man. Today was pretty chill? I also got lots of anons. And reread a couple of fics, read a couple new ones... not much. Really not. And I also got some anons today. And FUCK, I just went on my kobo to check something and my kobo DELETED EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COLLECTION I HAVE. That's fucking great. I now have to go through 35 pages of books and add every fic to one collection, hope to god it doesn't reorganize them, and then figure out what other collections I had before. That's fine. Have I ever mentioned that my kobo is super sensitive and responds to the lightest touch, and also barely fucking works? That's a thing. That's a really convenient thing. Uh, I need to shut up now.


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