Jan. 7th, 2017

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 I completely forgot to do an entry yesterday and I didn't actually think that was possible. Uh. Quick recap, then, since I have like an hour before I'm leaving for the whole rest of the day:

Still in Batlantern phase -- I was reading and rereading various fics by FabulaRasa. I've read quite a few of their fics, and I'm trying to read a few more now, since I generally like their writing -- I mean, the no warnings thing is a little weird to me, but I don't have any major triggers that regularly show up in fic, so I can pretty much forge ahead without being too worried.

I went grocery shopping with my mom, as well, and that was pretty fun -- I convinced her to buy bagels from Costco for the first time in probably forever, and I can't wait to eat one. I... love bagels and never eat them anymore. I also made a dijon chicken recipe which was pretty good but overall tasted a bit too strong (yes I'm very very white I know) and my brother ended up making chili but I had panto so I didn't eat any.

Panto! The Assistant Stage Manager wasn't there, so -- disaster. In a couple of scenes, I need to bring in a black curtain near the back, and in order to bring it in, there's a couple of set pieces that need to be out of the way. And no one seemed to know this. So I had to whisper-yell (I can't actually go anywhere because I'm on headset) and get people to MOVE THAT FUCKING TREE AND THE LOG so I could get it in place and get the other set pieces in place. During the first time we had a transition like that, I waited so long that I rushed to get in a wooden set piece and it... crashed. To the floor. Really loudly. And it was utterly terrifying and humiliating, especially since I literally got to the reds seconds before I was supposed to lift them. And I was shaking so much for probably ten minutes straight. Anyway... after that I got driven home by my neighbours, who were there for the show that night (I guess they actually saw me, since one of the actors asked me to go onstage and start the GoPro that put there to record the show, so I was actually onstage and I almost never am) and then I stayed up way too late because Stress.

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From [community profile] thefridayfive

Do you make New Year's resolutions?
I never really have, I'm not that good at it. But I really want to be a better person this year, so I have a general idea of that.

Are you expecting any big life changes this year? (new job, buying a house, etc.)
Not really, I think... well, actually, I think I might actually get a job, for the first time. And I might start going to a school that's basically half outside and on an island and you actually cook with a wood stove and hike for like an hour to get anywhere, but that's still kind of up in the air.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
...would it be terrible to say it's mostly movies that I'm looking forward to? I'm terrible at remembering release dates, but like -- Wonder Woman, Justice League, SW Episode VIII, and probably some others I'm forgetting. And, like, new seasons of SWR and stuff.

What are you least looking forward to this year?
Probably the fact that if I don't end up going to Island School, I have to get Serious about graduating and figuring out my life and I'm... not ready to do that. And also Trump. Everything about that.

Is there anything you want to try this year that you haven't tried before? (could be a new food, new hobby, or anything.)
I kinda really want to try more things in writing, but nothing specific, I think -- just pushing my comfort zone and stuff. Once I actually start writing again. And I would really like to try living more honestly and just be a better person in general, which maybe isn't a new thing to try but it sorta counts as it, I think.


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